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PressPoint overview

PressPoint is a press relationship management platform which enables companies and marketing/PR agencies to find, pitch, connect and follow-up with journalists, bloggers and influencers in any industry, country and language using a range of tools including live searches, automated follow-ups, merge tags functionality, and more.

PressPoint allows users to find journalists, bloggers or influencers who have written articles or blog posts about specific topics or companies relevant to their initial search term. Users can refine their search parameters to within a certain amount of days, or a particular language, or even how many times the topic or company has been liked/shared on social media. PressPoint uses the data entered to locate the contact details of journalists most relevant to the user’s search terms. PressPoint can also identify hyper-relevant journalists based on the content they are personally reading.

With PressPoint, users can create live searches which proactively monitor for new journalists who match the user’s custom search criteria. PressPoint’s Chrome extension helps users find the contact details for the author of any article or blog, even if it is behind a paywall. PressPoint also allows users to keep all journalist contact details organized in a centralized location for quick access. Automation tools enable users to create drip campaigns to introduce themselves, pitch and follow-up with journalists automatically. Native reply tracking technology ensures users never email a journalist once they respond.


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PressPoint screenshot: Navigate shortcuts and check recent PressPoint activity from the main dashboardPressPoint Demo - 12 MinutesPressPoint screenshot: Access journalist contact and social details from the My Journalists contact listPressPoint screenshot: Journalist profiles provide a summary of their recent activity and allow users to email them or attach notesPressPoint screenshot: Create, edit and send campaigns where users can introduce themselves, pitch and follow up with journalists automaticallyPressPoint screenshot: Search title and article by standard filters such as exact phrase, keyword, and morePressPoint screenshot: Identify journalists based on content journalists are actually creating, and not a random profile

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Iso Rabins

Been waiting years for this!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-05-09
Review Source: Capterra

I have been trying to organize and keep up with journalists for years. Mostly through spreadsheets, reminders, etc. This does all that for me, basically a PR company on the cheap.

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Entry: €39/month (billed monthly).
Intermediate: €67/month (billed monthly).
Pro: €125/month (billed monthly).

PressPoint features

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Additional information for PressPoint

Key features of PressPoint

  • Press monitoring
  • Press release builder
  • Article author database
  • Auto-updating media lists
  • Data import
  • Search functionality
  • Drip email marketing
  • Native reply tracking
  • Relationship building as a service (RBaaS)
  • Relationship nurturing
  • Client management
  • Dashboard
  • Template management
  • Search filter monitoring
  • Saved filters
  • Journalist management
  • Journalist sorting & filtering
  • Test emails
  • Tag merging
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PressPoint helps users find the contact details for relevant journalists, bloggers and influencers currently covering a topic or company identified in the user’s initial search terms.

PressPoint allows users to create live searches which proactively monitor content for new journalists matching the user’s custom search criteria.

Users can keep journalists organized in a centralized location for quick access to contact details. PressPoint allows users to filter and sort journalists by contact list, date of last email, number of times pitched, and more.

PressPoint enables users to create drip campaigns where they can introduce themselves, pitch and follow up with journalists automatically.

PressPoint’s merge tags functionality enables users to link to a recently written article for each journalist automatically.