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Project Sunblock

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Project Sunblock overview

What is Project Sunblock?

Project Sunblock is a leading brand protection solution developed for companies that advertise on the Internet. Project Sunblock was developed by ArtsandTV Inc as a response to significant concern from online advertisers who required better software to monitor, manage and mitigate risks to their brand and brand’s reputation while providing display ad solutions.

Traditional manual methods of monitoring in an ever growing, and increasingly complex advertising ecosystem required that real-time protection solutions were soon to be a required part of every online campaign, and ArtsandTV, having partnered with numerous agencies and networks took advantage of insight, time to market and emerging technology to leap ahead of the need, and to develop Project Sunblock. Project Sunblock is currently protecting the brands of Fortune 500 companies across the globe.


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Project Sunblock features


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Additional information for Project Sunblock

Key features of Project Sunblock

  • Realtime Display Advertising Protection
  • Fully Customizable Filtering Criteria
  • Keyword/content Adjacency Detection
  • Delivery URL Insights
  • Image Analysis
  • Page Categorization
  • Third Party Malware Databases
  • Above/Below Fold Detection
  • Multiple Deployment Options
  • Configurable Email Alerts
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