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Email Marketing and Cart Abandonment For eCommerce

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Rejoiner Feature Summary

  • Test two email campaigns against each other to find a winner
  • Segment based on demographic, transaction and purchase data
  • Deliver emails when they generate maximum impact
  • Send multistage email sequences at times you schedule
  • All customer data is stored and SSL encrypted
  • Manage multiple client accounts — all from one dashboard
  • Holdout Testing
  • Integrated with 10+ eCommerce platforms
  • Site Analytics
  • Email Analytics
  • Conversion & Revenue Tracking
  • Pre-Submit Tracking
  • Cart Regeneration

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Rejoiner Screenshots (8)

Rejoiner screenshot: Rejoiner's dashboard displaying site analytics, which measures checkout sessions, abandonment rate, recoverable revenue, average cart value and moreRejoiner screenshot: Rejoiner's email campaign view. Build cart abandonment, win-back, welcome series, VIP campaigns and more using the campaign builder.Rejoiner screenshot: Rejoiner's segmentation feature allows you to build and send emails to specific segments of your customer list for higher converting campaignsRejoiner screenshot: Rejoiner's campaign results dashboard shows your conversions, total campaign revenue and revenue per email generatedRejoiner screenshot: Rejoiner's a/b tesing results shows you sends, opens and open rate, percentage lift of the variant campaign and confidence levelsRejoiner screenshot: Rejoiner's email analytics shows you sends, ioens, clicks, conversions and unsubscribe rateRejoiner screenshot: a/b test running inside Rejoiner shows you sends, opens, clicks, conversions, revenue generated and which email is winning the testRejoiner screenshot: Rejoiner's integration process makes it easy to connect your eCommerce platform with our software

Rejoiner Features In Depth

Email automation

Email automation is at the Rejoiner’s core, informing many of the other key features of present within the advanced targeting and marketing platform. Automated emails can be sent out at regular intervals after triggering events occur, the most common of which are cart abandonment emails.

Setup your first campaign by selecting the time schedule for your email sequence. (For example, you might want an email to go out automatically 30 minutes after a visitor has left your website.) Rejoiner’s automation campaigns work on their own, so you won’t have to click “Send” or customize your emails each time they go out. An in-house design and HTML team helps you create and launch every email campaign for you.

Email analytics

The best email marketing campaigns are never truly finished. With optimization and analytics, eCommerce brands can continue refining their messaging and marketing tactics in order to get the best results.

To uncover how your automated emails are performing, visit the Rejoiner dashboard page. You’ll see how cart abandonment emails are impacting your website, how your campaign emails are performing, and how much actual revenue is being generated by each campaign. If you notice lower-than-average email open rates, that could be a sign that it’s time to change up your marketing pitch.

Email segmentation

Segmentation can be used to target selected customer groups with relevant messages. Segmented groups typically share certain traits or characteristics, such as customers who abandoned their carts before completing their purchases or customers who fit certain demographic characteristics.

Create as many segments as you need, choosing a name and a set of filters for each new segment. Your segments will be structured as a CND formula, with a segment, clause, and filter. Filter your segments based on cart items, cart data, customers, events, lists, or email engagement. Once your segments have been setup, you’ll be able to send automated email messages to customers based on the items they have left in their carts or based on the types of emails they’ve opened in the past.

A/B testing

Using Rejoiner’s Campaign Editor, eCommerce brands can setup, schedule, test, and manage their automated email campaigns. A/B testing plays an important role in creating and optimizing email marketing campaigns. Using multiple test types, like 50/50 splits and hold outs, brands are able to determine which types of content and messaging their customers are responding to and which messages are most likely to end up in the trash.

A/B testing helps you see how small changes in your messaging or targeting impact key metrics, such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue per email. Define your own sample size and type out a short description of the test you’re running. For example, you might want to test different subject lines to see what customers are responding to, and then measure those results based on your own pre-determined goals. You can see the results from your Email Campaign Manager.

Rejoiner Feature Reviews

3 reviewers had the following to say about Rejoiner's features:

Aaron Kenny

Verified Reviewer

Easy and Effective Remarketing


Their simple and flexible integration options made it easy to get started, and the A/B testing capabilities allow us to improve performance over time.


One of the key differences between Rejoiner and the other providers we evaluated is the team. They get that the application's value comes from it's ability to help you grow you business. The growth comes from the fusion of people and technology. Other's talk a big game in that area, but Rejoiner actually delivers on it.

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Time used: 1-2 years

Source: GetApp
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Don Vasquez

Verified Reviewer

Rejoiner has been a key component to our explosive growth


Often we have felt that they treat us like its their own company, something that is all but lost with any type of consultant these days. They monitor our campaigns and have made suggestions that resulted in a great increase to our ROI.


-Onsite design team to cover every step of the process


-Our initial email mock ups had a few errors that took longer that I would like to get fixed. -Paypal plugin had a few minor issues with tracking that also took a week or so to get fixed.

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Time used: 6-12 months

Source: GetApp
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Sean McWherter

Verified Reviewer

Full service solution at a fraction of the price


They even sent us reports and revised campaigns without us asking, saying they were not performing well enough to their standards.


Full service keeps us fully hands off. They work on our behalf and are proactive to make us profitable, who else does that?


They don't work directly for us, really talented team.

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Time used: 1-2 years

Source: GetApp
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