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Resulticks overview

Resulticks is an online marketing automation platform that promises to be a “real time conversation marketing cloud” for marketers and brands across industries. Built around a data-driven approach, the solution uses algorithms to consolidate structured and unstructured data from every marketing channel, building identity profiles of audience members. This comprehensive profiling of audience demographic and behavior is secured with 256-bit / SSL encryption and is then leveraged by intelligent technology to automate real time audience engagement. Underpinned by Smart Link, Resulticks uses an individualized deferred deep link that embeds across every digital channel to track user journeys. Omnichannel support allows marketers to plan, develop, deploy, and manage campaigns spanning email, mobile, QR code, web and social media, while automating responsive communications.

Resulticks boasts an Omnichannel Rules Engine that recognizes audience communication scenarios. By intelligently identifying events and the appropriate rules mapped to them, the platform triggers actions most conducive to an enhanced customer journey. Coupled to this, Resulticks has a marketing intelligence layer for applying machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms for smart analysis of campaign performance. Marketing analytics capabilities are then able to provide insights into predictive and prescriptive campaign forecasts, with graphical dashboard-based summaries available to visualize data at-a-glance.


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Resulticks screenshot: The Resulticks dashboard shows a data breakdown of campaign reach, engagement and conversion percentages plus geography and industryresulticks.comResulticks screenshot: An example of the goal-based planning editor available for plotting the logical flow of audience journeys  Resulticks screenshot: Resulticks builds and updates "big data" from numerous sources to create detailed profiles of audience members and their relationships to others Resulticks screenshot: Draft campaign messages, with fields for stipulating name, sender email address, recipients list, subject line and email content types  Resulticks screenshot: Activity level charts offer feedback on key areas of virality, conversion, engagement and reach within pools of recipientsResulticks screenshot: Predictive analytics provides projections on campaign performance and forecast insights into channels such as email that might yield best resultsResulticks screenshot: Prescriptive analytics leverages the Resulticks recommendation engine to offer insights based on regularly updated benchmarks and trend analysis etcResulticks screenshot: Descriptive analytics capabilities include dashboard-based data visualizations for campaign performance including areas like leads generated and audience behaviorResulticks screenshot: As a consolidated customer data platform, data exchange is facilitated across multiple sources via over 75 API's that support bi-directional synchronization of the data into Resulticks

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Manoj Kumar

Excellent Platform for Marketing Automation

Reviewed 2015-02-12
Review Source: Capterra

Resulticks plays a vital role in managing and monitoring marketing campaigns for my client accounts, in one single place. I've used it for single channel campaigns using only email or SMS. I've also used it for integrated campaigns using a combination of email, SMS and even FB posts. In both cases, I've found the campaign setup to be quite smooth and seamless. My personal favorite features are the multidimensional campaign canvas and the user analytics 360° report. The latter gave us some amazing insights into the target audience which we found really useful in planning the next campaign. It did not have templates that suited our style and need as part of the package, but then we can import and use our own templates anyway, so I don't see that as a showstopper. Most importantly, my clients have been happy with the servicing I'm able to provide them through Resulticks. I believe this is a good platform to elevate our marketing efforts to the next level!!

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Ethan Scott

Reduces the dropout rate of potential customers

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-11-19
Review Source: Capterra

Excellent to keep in touch with the users at all times and increase the percentage of sales per campaign.

Thanks to its artificial intelligence tools, its analysis and reports, we can create personal campaigns and track prospects until sales are completed.

It has many functions which makes it a bit difficult to use at first, but it is only a matter of time to adapt to the program.

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Resulticks features

Email Marketing
Engagement Analytics
Multi-Channel Marketing
Real Time Analytics
Real Time Data
Social Media Integration
Third Party Integration

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Key features of Resulticks

  • Analytics / ROI tracking
  • Customizable CTAs
  • Digital assistants
  • Drip campaigns
  • Dynamic content
  • Dynamic offer management
  • Goal management
  • Landing pages / web forms
  • Machine learning
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing calendar
  • Multivariate testing
  • Push notifications
  • QR code marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Smart link
  • Social marketing
  • Website visitor tracking
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Resulticks is a singular, data-driven and omnichannel marketing automation platform that supports all digital marketing requirements and gives users the ability to automate core marketing activities.
Works via Smart Link, an individualized deferred deep link technology that is ready to embed across channels including online and mobile web, email, SMS, banners and more in order to recognize omnichannel audience journeys.>
Uses constantly updated “big data” gleaned from own or third party data sources with segment-of-one targeting to implement campaigns personalized to the audience.
Omnichannel Rules Engine applies machine learning to automate conversations based on audience-triggered events to stimulate engagement in real time.
A suite of predictive and prescriptive marketing analytics capabilities provide insights from benchmark data, trend analysis and machine learning, with dashboard-based 360-degree reporting on campaign performance.