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SailPlay Sender

Email & SMS marketing automation platform

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SailPlay Sender overview

SailPlay Sender is a cloud-based email and SMS marketing platform which allows users to create and manage targeted, event-triggered, and mass SMS and email campaigns. The system can also be used for push notification and IM marketing, and is aimed at online and offline retail stores, pharmacy chains, food delivery services, and more.

SailPlay Sender includes a visual editor for creating event-triggered drip email campaigns. Users can select triggers, define actions, create email templates, and schedule follow-ups, with more than 50 different triggers built-in, including signups, abandoned shopping carts, purchases, and customer birthdays. Emails can be personalized with customer details, such as names, birthdates, and loyalty point balances, using mail merge to automatically replace placeholder tags. For targeted email campaigns, contacts can be segmented into groups and targeted based on behavior, socio-demographic data, or custom user-defined tags.

SailPlay Sender allows users to track deliverability and open rate for mass SMS and email campaigns, and return on investment (ROI) can be analyzed through tracking of purchases and returns. The system can be integrated with users’ websites, and website analytics, customer loyalty program, and customer relationship management (CRM) system integrations can also be enabled.


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SailPlay Sender screenshot: Users can create and manage targeted, event-triggered, and mass email campaignsSailPlay Sender screenshot: Chain email campaigns can be created using the visual editorSailPlay Sender screenshot: Email templates can be created and customizedSailPlay Sender screenshot: Contacts can be searched by their name, user, ID, phone number, email address, or other parametersSailPlay Sender screenshot: Contacts can be grouped based on their behavior, socio-demographic data, or custom user tags

SailPlay Sender reviews


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Natalia Parshikova

The best marketing platform ever!

Reviewed 2015-09-03
Review Source: Capterra

I have been working with SailPlay team since 2013 and I greatly appreciate what they did for us in Papa John's Russia. With their support we've successfully launched our Papa Rewards bonus loyalty program that has a 70% penetration rate among all our clients in Russia. Our customers are very happy gain extra points and receive free pizza from us, we get so many thankful feedbacks from them every day. SailPlay is not just about Bonus Program, they are fulfilling all your needs that you may have or even didn't think of. Within 2 months we've integrated a cross-functional email marketing platform that helps us to send not just simple everyday emails but to develop a sophisticated email marketing scheme with triggered e-shot campaigns with such triggers as customer's last order date, last order value, order frequency, preferences, even his interests! Now we're not about bothering emails, we're about giving our clients what they really desire. Since launch, our open rate increased by 20%, click rate increased by 35% and order frequency among opt-in customers increased by 12%. We can't help mentioning an outstanding 24/7 customer service we get from SailPlay. They are willing to help their customers in everything and really do that. To summarise, becoming SailPlay's client you receive a flexible individual approach from the company that really cares.

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Margarita Nafikova

The best Email service for retailers!

Reviewed 2015-09-03
Review Source: Capterra

It over a decade of using various platforms, I have to say that SailPlay Sender is the best. We also use SailPlay Loyalty Software for our customer loyalty program. The best thing that they are integrated with each other. I would recommend SP to my professional contacts.

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SailPlay Sender features

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Additional information for SailPlay Sender

Key features of SailPlay Sender

  • Visual editor
  • Triggered emails
  • Behavior-driven rules
  • Customer segmentation
  • Geo targeting
  • Socio-demographic targeting
  • Custom tags
  • Mass email campaigns
  • Mass SMS campaigns
  • Deliverability tracking
  • Open rate tracking
  • Purchase & return tracking
  • Email personalization
  • Website integration
  • Email scheduling
  • Email templates
  • Campaign management
  • ROI analysis
  • Bounce tracking
  • Click-through tracking
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Event-triggered email campaigns can be setup using the visual campaign editor, with a range of over 50 triggers, including signups, abandoned shopping carts, and customer birthdays.

Contacts can be grouped based on their socio-demographic data, behaviour, or custom user-defined tags, and sent targeted emails based on this information.

Mass SMS and email campaigns can be planned, managed, and analyzed, with deliverability, open rate, purchase, and returns tracking.

Emails can be personalized using collected contact data, including names, birthdates, and more.

SailPlay Sender can be integrated with any website, and website analytics, CRM, and loyalty program integrations can be enabled.