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Janalee Silvey

Verified Reviewer

Makes it easy to manage your digital marketing all in one place


We investigated HubSpot as a way to help us be more efficient in managing our client's digital marketing efforts, which had become time consuming using multiple different platforms. With HubSpot, we're able to keep everyone focused on the same goals across the various channels (email, blog, social, PPC) and view the results all in one place. Better yet, it gives us a platform where we can collect all this information on a contact and company basis, making it easier for us to see the interactions we're having with a single contact across the board. Reporting has become easier, and it's much easier now to make an impact with our marketing efforts with everything centralized.


Much easier than other marketing automation suites we've used in the past, including Marketo and SalesFusion. And if you do need help, their Support line is phenomenal, incredibly personable and willing to take the time to help.


As with most applications, the software can be a bit "hinky" sometimes, getting hung up or taking too long to process. Usually they flag the situation though, so you know what's going on and that they're working on it. If there's no flag, we report it, and they get someone working on it right away - nice to be taken seriously. The reporting generally requires that we need to take screenshots instead of using the ppt that the system auto-generates at month end - it's just not detailed enough for most of our clients. Sometimes it's difficult to keep up with all the system updates/upgrades, so be ready to invest some time in the training or find a partner to help.

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Time used: 1-2 years

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