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Smartimage overview

Start today | Smartimage is a simple, instant on tool. Quick to setup and easy to maintain, Smartimage is for those who need a fix now.

Automate image management | Smart features like auto-mapping metadata, auto file conversions, and keywords as tags save you and your team time.

Easily manage users | Invite administrators to help upload, manage, and share your images. Easily share content with non-login users using portals, links, or password protected collections.

A clean, intuitive user experience | It’s not just what Smartimage does but how it does it. We put in the extra work so you don’t have to by implementing simple, smart features.

A visual tool for your visual content | Smartimage presents your images beautifully so you can share them with whoever, whenever. Customize Smartimage for a consistent brand experience.

Scalability to grow | Smartimage gives you the flexibility to grow as your business does. Add more storage and users as you need.


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Smartimage reviews


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Susie Brain

The Perfect Solution For Our Requirements

Reviewed 2014-07-23
Review Source: Capterra

Our website uses a huge variety of images and over the last twelve years, we have accumulated a vast library of images, logos and other graphic resources. Having always used a standard storage site to back up our library of files, we realised we needed to be able to browse the images in a quicker, more efficient way. After sifting through many image storage sites, SmartImage was the one that allowed us to store our files in the way that best suited our company. We have easily enough space for our files with the Essential Package, are able to categorise everything neatly, and more importantly, easily! But our favourite feature is the option to add your own keywords to the tag field when adding images. This has enabled our searching process to be far more tailored to the way we work and provide instant accurate results. The customer service is second to none, with prompt replies to any questions, and after explaining our line of work and querying the possibility of a slightly customised package to suit our needs, the friendly team at SmartImage were only too happy to oblige and came up with the perfect solution for us. I am now looking forward to exploring the system more to see which other features we can use, and have no doubt that this is the best system for us, both from a technical and customer service perspective.

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Jane Campbell

Organised + accessible

Reviewed 2016-02-09
Review Source: Capterra

Pros: - Supports multiple file formats - Easily accessible - Can share public or secure albums/files easily - Bulk actions help sort, edit, tag, download, etc. - Image preview helps find/match the best image - Useful as a gallery or for artworking - Affordable - Tags, description and title are searchable and help credit photographers/provide image information Cons: - Can take awhile to load all images in large collections - Social sharing links drive people to smart image, rather than to our website - Can't use zip files or provide temporary files (in which case we would stop using services like DropBox or WeTransfer completely - Can be very slow on iphone/ipad - Doesn't have the best stats/dashboard to understand views, location of views, etc. Not really a con, but haven't seen a ton of innovation from when we first started but please all around and continue to use it regularly.

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Samuli Pulkkinen

Great image bank for corporations

Reviewed 2015-01-20
Review Source: Capterra

Smartimage has been easy to use and creating new catalogs for different purposes takes only a seconds. Also the customer support has been great. I have created our internal image bank for corporate communications on this platform, so people can easily find images for PowerPoint presentations and web pages. For this Smartimage has great benefits over our SharePoint-intranet and Dropbox-folders I have previously used for similar purposes. For example: We have several newspaper and magazine photo desks and a huge IT department in house, but none of those were able to built easy access to our personnel mug shots for months. Last week I got bored to situation, used spare space in existing Smartimage account and password protected catalogue was live in less than hour. Now our security stuff can upload new images and all who need those can pick up what they need.

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Josh Lanham

Smartimage is a smart DAM thing to do!

Reviewed 2014-12-11
Review Source: Capterra

After many, MANY hours of scouring the web, searching Google, checking Twitter, stalking Instagram and exhausting myself of looking for the right DAM solution for our small company, Smartimage arrived from the heavens like an angel just getting their wings! All of the other DAM solutions that we had researched we're way overpriced and too complex for the amount of images we currently own and track as a company. Smartimage allows us the freedom to choose multiple pricing packages to start with, the ease of uploading of our images and the very simple task of tagging them as we see fit. We're very happy and please that Smartimage came along at the time that it did. If not for this awesome DAM product, I'm afraid that we'd be stuck with overpaying for complex and tedious software and that is definitely not the case with Smartimage!

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Jo Vuckovic

Great software for easy cataloguing of pictures

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-01-10
Review Source: Capterra

Stumbled across Smartimage when looking for a way of cataloguing our huge collection of pictures in order to have all images in one place and easily searchable. Smartimage offers all this plus is really easy to use.Easy to use

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Smartimage pricing

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Basic | Organization starts with you. $69/mo or $745/yr [1 admin, unlimited sharing, 1 portal]
Team | Align internal teams and provide external access. $299/mo or $2942/yr [3 admins, unlimited sharing, unlimited portals]
Multi-brand | Create access points for multiple brands. $699/mo or $6291/yr [unlimited admins, unlimited sharing, and unlimited portals]

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Smartimage features


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Social Media Integration (165 other apps)
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Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Additional information for Smartimage

Key features of Smartimage

  • Metadata [Title, Description, Keywords]
  • Sharing [Embed, links, email]
  • Easy to get started and use
  • Simple user experience and interface
  • Public, private, and password-protected privacy options
  • Centralized storage location
  • Collect photos by sharing a link
  • Analytics
  • Smart tags, filters, and search
  • Mobile ready
  • Shared account administration
  • Auto-generated download conversion
  • Account branding
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Smartimage is professional, easy to use, and still affordable for small businesses.
- Eliminate the cost of lost or misplaced files
- Free up your designer/photographer's time by eliminating their need to fill requests for photos and graphics
- Save time by finding files faster to be used and repurposed
- Provide self-service access to images
- Control brand consistency and integrity by providing most up-to-date files