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The most transparent programmatic video advertising platform, SpotXchange connects thousands of publishers with trusted demand sources, running top brand campaigns through its marketplace. SpotXchange is a company of video experts with a track record of world-class managed services for premium publishers.

SpotXchange’s video ad platform offers maximized revenue, advanced transparency and unmatched customer service around the world and is one of the top video ad marketplaces in the U.S, UK, Australia and Canada according to comScore’s VideoMetrix service.


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SpotXchange features


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Key features of SpotXchange

  • Category Blocking
  • Channel Level Blocking
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Bid Activity Report
  • Price Floor Optimization
  • SpotXchange Marketplace
  • Player Size Reporting
  • Create Pricing Override Rules
  • Advertiser Pricing Rule
  • Real-time yield optimization capabilities
  • Multi-device video ad campaigns
  • Advertiser blocking
  • Real-time performance metrics
  • Publisher Integrations
  • Video Ad Gallery
  • Demo and Behavioral Targeting:
  • Contextual and Keyword Targeting
  • Suite of Brand Safety tools
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Transparency & Actionable Insights
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Pricing Rules

Publishers now have a simple way to establish “if-then” business rules that can automatically charge a premium for their top-quality placements, or a discount for the inventory with less demand, without the need for physically segmenting their video inventory and creating multiple tags. The SpotXchange publisher platform will dynamically change ask prices based on certain characteristics of the video ad opportunity including player size, region, URL and advertiser among other things.

Player Size Reporting

See bidding activity, impressions, fill rate and revenue by small, medium and large player sizes at a channel or all channels level. Learn which player sizes are valued the most and create player size pricing adjustment or pricing override rules to maximize your revenue. Player Size Reporting is located by selecting the “Traffic” tab on the “All Channels”or individual channel view and then selecting the “Player Size” button.

Advertiser Pricing Rule

The new Advertiser Pricing Rule allows you to create pricing override rules for specific advertisers. Used in conjunction with the SpotXchange Publisher Tool advertiser level report you can easily monitor advertisers’ bidding activity by channel to identify where setting an Advertiser Pricing Rule could maximize your revenue. When editing a channel you’ll find the Advertising Pricing Rule in the Pricing Adjustment Rules section of step 3 of the edit channel wizard.