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Sprout Social use case: Abigail Nwaocha

Abigail Nwaocha

Verified Reviewer  
13th of December, 2016
Simple SM manager with superior Analytics feature

I discovered Sprout Social through a Facebook ad. Before deciding to take the trial, I read some of the reviews here and on Capterra and my expectations soared and became somewhat unrealistic to be honest. The pricing threw me off because $99 monthly seemed kind of steep given the features. Nevertheless, I had nothing to lose by trying it out so I decided to signup for a trial. I’ve used/currently use Hootsuite, Buffer, Swift Social, Kontentino, and many other social media managers, so I had a lot to compare Sprout social with. Sprout social is easy to use, the layout is fairly simple and uncomplicated, the dashboard is somewhat of a mix between Social pilot and Kontentino, so are the features. My favorite features are the Smart inbox and the Sprout queue. The social queue is similar to Hootsuite Auto schedule function. The RSS function in the feeds tab is also really nice as I was able to connect it to my Feedly account. A major use of this is the post via RSS function, which I used to auto tweet blog posts from influencer blogs in my niche. The Asset Library is also an amazing feature as it is a great way to store images for future use. The discovery tab shows suggestions on accounts to follow and unfollow, people who have conversed with, and people who mentioned you in a post. Sprout social is a great social media manager, however, It doesn’t seem all that superior to Hootsuite or Swift social. Considering the cost, I expected more out of it. Which I’m aware is rather ridiculous. I will say this though, the “Reports” function offers a variety of important stats such as: Group reports, Twitter profiles [For tracking profile performance to determine the impact of twitter content], Twitter comparison, Twitter listening, Facebook page report, Facebook competitors, Engagement reports, Team reports, Task performance, Trends, Instagram profile analysis, LinkedIn page, Tag report, Google analytics and Sent messages. To me, Sprout Social’s unique feature is its analytics function. No other SM manager, except perhaps SMHack, has such powerful and detailed social media analytics.

What do you like best?

The Digital Asset Library The Analytics feature The RSS feature can serve as a social media content generation tool. Easy UI

What do you dislike?

The pricing is rather steep. There are other SM managers with more powerful features which could prove to be a better substitute to Sprout Social. MavSocial has a better Asset Library feature, SMHack provides just as detailed analytics, Swift social has powerful RSS feature, and Hootsuite is cheaper, has an automatic scheduling function, as well as one of the easiest SM Managers to use due to the numerous tutorials online and it's inbuilt mini-tutorial.

Why did you end up selecting Sprout Social over other applications?

I wanted to test Sprout Social and compare it to other SM managers. In terms of its features and ease of use.

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