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Storyworks On Demand overview

The Storyworks On Demand presentation software is a complete online marketing, sales and operations/training software which provides you real-time analytics - in turn letting you assess the exact time/date employees or potential clients viewed certain content. Storyworks On Demand comes in an online demo version and the pricing is based on a per user basis.


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Storyworks On Demand features

Real Time Analytics

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Additional information for Storyworks On Demand

Key features of Storyworks On Demand

  • Sales enablement
  • Marketing management
  • Operations and HR
  • Video presentation
  • Spreadsheets
  • Word documents
  • Presentations
  • Demo version
  • Create storyboards
  • Add notes
  • Manage tasks
  • Mobile and smartphone friendly
  • Manage employee usage
  • View real-time analytics
  • Manage inventory
  • Video, PDF and html
  • Custom designs and graphics
  • Create training packs
  • Online support
  • Video tutorials
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Sales enablement and Marketing management - Storyworks On Demand gives you real-time content updates, allowing you to present your sales pitches and content in a live fashion. All images and graphics are synced to your Storyworks On Demand cloud and can be updated in a matter of seconds.

Operations, HR and Video presentation - Storyworks On Demand enables you to perform business management functions and human resource/training documentation to help educate your workforce. Storyworks On Demand lets you host video presentations and slideshows for an enhanced visual experience.

Demo version and View real-time analytics - Storyworks On Demand offers a no obligation demo version of the presentation software. The Storyworks On Demand live analytics allows you to view when your employees or certain clients have viewed criteria and for exactly how long.

Custom designs, graphics and Video tutorials - Storyworks On Demand gives you a completely custom designed software which can be modified to display your company artwork and designs. Storyworks On Demand has an array of online video tutorials to show you the benefits from a sales, marketing and operations perspective.