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The Attributor

Marketing attribution solution for businesses of all sizes

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The Attributor overview

The Attributor is a cloud-based solution, which helps marketing, advertising, and analytics teams automate processes related to audience targeting by optimizing campaigns to identify prospects. The platform provides proof of audience performance, enabling marketers to measure the return on investment (ROI) of promotional operations.

Key features of The Attributor include conversion tracking, customer journey mapping, predictive analytics and cross-channel attribution. The solution allows firms to manage the publishing of customer relationship management (CRM) data using patented processes for mapping customer profiles with business websites. The platform helps users streamline the matching of various audience attributes such as age, gender, home value, income, vehicle ownership, business and industry with IP addresses, facilitating customer segmentation and targeting.

The Attributor comes with tools to manage location-based campaigns, providing access to multiple mobile device IDs at public or business venues to ensure geo-targeting. The universal data exchange (UDX) module enables enterprises to gain audience insights and gather information about website visitors like names, emails, and addresses.


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The Attributor features

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Key features of The Attributor

  • Attribution Modeling
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Cross-Channel Attribution
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Data Management
  • IP Targeting
  • Multi-Touch Attribution
  • ROI Tracking
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