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A management platform for brand advocates and promotions

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WallSee overview

WallSee is an advocacy platform that helps small businesses and brands in facing their biggest challenge - awareness. We do this by turning customers and fans into brand advocates, allowing them to be the voice and the face for promotions.

Most brands attempt to build awareness by establishing themselves on social media channels or through email marketing. The problem with this is that social media was never intended for brands to communicate through. For this reason, brands become a disruptive presence in these environments. Email marketing is a one-sided conversation that continues to decline in open-rates. So what can a business do to obtain exposure?

We provide users with an automated platform to recruit people that are interested in what businesses do, connect with them, and provide them with an opportunity to get involved. Loyal customers that believe in a product are looking for opportunities to engage with brands and organizations.

We believe that the best way to grow a business is by connecting with people that love what it does and allowing them to advocate on its behalf. Though technology has evolved over the years, we believe that referral-based, word-of-mouth, affiliate marketing is still the best form of brand marketing and communication. WallSee is the platform that provides users with the simple and sophisticated approach to accomplish it.


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WallSee screenshot: WallSee Recruitment Landing Page - is great for recruiting brand advocates and can be customized with your choice of header image, background and textWallSeeWallSee screenshot: WallSee Advocates Page - showcasing the Info Cards of each of your advocates along with a birds-eye view of their global statsWallSee screenshot: WallSee Advocate Promo Landing Page - your advocates will receive a page just like this for your Promotion with their unique tracker link, personal stats, rewards and immediate sharing optionsWallSee screenshot: WallSee Tracker Link example with a Call-to-Action bubble in the corner showing the photo of an advocate and the CTA message and transaction button

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FREE to create an account and create landing pages and pop-ups to recruit brand advocates.

Only pay when you decide to run a Promotion.

Payments are based on a credit system: 1 credit = $30 = 10 Days. Promotions can have as many credits as you desire. You can also extend a promotion by adding credits to the campaign.

WallSee features

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Additional information for WallSee

Key features of WallSee

  • Affiliate managment
  • Activity tracking
  • Auto-responders
  • Commission management
  • Email distribution
  • Landing pages
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+ Simple-to-use dashboard for managing advocates, promotions and recruitment.

+ Download reports on advocates, promotions or global sharing activity.

+ Create landing pages or website pop-ups for recruiting brand advocates.

+ Create advocate-personalized Call-To-Action bubbles over any promoted webpage with our CTA feature.

+ Upload contact lists from spreadsheets.

+ API available upon request.