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WordStream SEO for FireFox

Keyword optimization for written copy

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WordStream SEO for FireFox overview

WordStream's SEO for Firefox Plugin is a content creation tool for writers that connects your keyword research to your SEO copywriting efforts. The benefits of composing Web copy with the help of WordStream SEO for Firefox include:

* Easier topic selection: Instead of staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to strike, get topic ideas by drilling down into keyword niches with high potential search volume.
* More relevant keyword targeting: Don't just rely on guesstimates. WordStream SEO for Firefox incorporates real keywords from your analytics for highly relevant and personalized research.
* Stronger keyword optimization: The plugin helps you uncover your best keyword opportunities and place them in key fields so your pages are maximally Google-friendly.
* Long-tail keyword traffic: Go beyond competitive head terms with long-tail modifiers to capture more traffic over time.



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Pricing starts at 49$ / month

WordStream SEO for FireFox features


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Additional information for WordStream SEO for FireFox

Key features of WordStream SEO for FireFox

  • Keyword Discovery / Web Content Topic SelectionSelection
  • Content Grading (Evaluation from an On-Page SEO standpoint)
  • Integration with Drupal, Typepad, Blogger, Wordpress
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