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Acts246 overview

Acts246 is a church management solution that helps church leaders manage their entire organization, track member growth, member attendance, manage financials, and more. The platform provides tools flexible enough to serve churches of any size, and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime via desktop or native mobile app for Android or iOS.

Acts246 enables organizations to check in attendees from any connected device to track member attendance, members’ church service, and small group attendance. Users can streamline their small group management and create events using the built-in calendar, take notes, and keep members up to date directly via the app.

The solution allows organizations to manage financials, including tracking all tithes and donations, managing expenses, and running detailed reports. Users are able to accept givings directly through the app, as well as transfer funds to their bank account. Church growth statistics allow users to gain insight to the community, whether operating a single church, or multiple locations around the world.

Acts246 helps organizations protect private information by allowing administrators to set up different access levels for particular users or groups, allowing them to access and see only what their role permits.


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Acts246 screenshot: Manage members, small groups, networks, member check ins, financial management and more via any Android or iOS mobile deviceActs246 screenshot: Update profiles, add contact information and user photosActs246 screenshot: Track a group of people or a certain number of small groups by adding networksActs246 screenshot: Add a new member by entering basic information, personal information, address, member information, courses, and moreActs246 screenshot: Select where the church meeting takes place and select the hostActs246 screenshot: Keep track of members’ church service and small group attendanceActs246 screenshot: Approve expenses to be paidActs246 screenshot: Gain insight to the community whether operating a single church or many locations around the worldActs246 screenshot: Keep track of networks and manage contact informationActs246 screenshot: Monitor group stats and add members or visitors Acts246 screenshot: See which visitors might need to be prompted into regular attendanceActs246 screenshot: Access the Acts246 platform via any Android or iOS mobile device

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Starter: Free (1 location, up to 50 people)

Unlimited: $39.99 per month

Acts246 features

Access Control
Attendance Management
Electronic Payments
Reporting & Statistics

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Additional information for Acts246

Key features of Acts246

  • Attendance tracking
  • Member profiles
  • Membership management
  • Member directory
  • Child check-in
  • Group management
  • Donation management
  • Online payments / giving
  • Multi-site management
  • Built-In accounting
  • Visitor tracking
  • Small group management
  • Manage financials
  • Church growth statistics
  • Multi-location support
  • Different access levels
  • Search and add family members
  • Add networks and ministries
  • Create groups
  • Member and small group check-in
  • Customize names and roles
  • Event host management
  • Transactions management
  • Approve expenses
  • Expense management
  • Course management
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Organizations can gain insight to their community and grow their congregation by monitoring church growth statistics, whether for a single or multiple locations.

Acts246's visitor tracking features help organizations nurture the relationship between the church and community.

The platform's network view allows users to see the total numbers of lifegroups, members and visitors, as well as track attendance at a glance.

Churches can accept donations directly via the native mobile app for Android and iOS and transfer funds directly to the bank.

Acts246 provides multi-location support that helps users ensure that operations are running smoothly, enabling users to check in with pastors at any location.