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Church Helpmate

Cloud based church management software

4.2/5 (10 reviews)

Church Helpmate overview

Church Helpmate is an integrated church membership management software system that can be installed on-premises or hosted on the cloud. Church Helpmate Desktop is the on-premises version while Church Helpmate Online is the cloud based version. Both versions offer similar product features, the difference being in their access methods and speed of service.

Church Helpmate enables churches of all sizes to unify their information as well as communicate with their church members and congregation via email, phone and text message. The software provides flexible reports, directories, mailing labels and form letters to help church administrators be proactive in communicating with the congregation. The product helps in managing member attendance and tracking visitors to the church, as well as fostering fellowship among communities and assisting with procedures like Baptism. Church Helpmate also tracks contributions and pledge campaigns, prints or emails statements and integrates with other accounting programmes such as QuickBooks to provide a complete financial system. The tool maintains a database with details of church members and households, and helps manage memberships, connections, meetings and attendance.

Church Helpmate serves over 2,000 churches of various denominations with memberships varying from 40 to 6,000 individuals, across the United States and in over 20 countries. The software offers add-on's such as Magtek Check Reader and Unitech Barcode Scanner, and can be accessed using both Windows and Mac computers. The vendor also offers standardized and custom training plans and data transfer services.


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Church Helpmate screenshot: Church Helpmate offers group membership management featuresChurch Helpmate Intro VideoChurch Helpmate screenshot: Church Helpmate offers various navigation tools for the different usersChurch Helpmate screenshot: Church Helpmate offers forms to fill in the household detailsChurch Helpmate screenshot: Church Helpmate also offers individual milestone reportsChurch Helpmate screenshot: Church Helpmate allows household and individual details to be available from the contributor pull down listChurch Helpmate screenshot: Church Helpmate provides a household explorer function

Church Helpmate reviews


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Christina Ennen

On a scale of 1-10, Church Helpmate gets an 11 !

Reviewed 2010-10-12
Review Source: Capterra

After two very poor results with other church database programs we decided to make a switch at the end of 2004. I tried out at least 3 other programs and looked at a couple more, but the easiest by far to navigate through was Church Helpmate. I called Helpmate a couple of different times with specific questions about the program and they were very helpful and explained how to do whatever it was I was trying to do. As a result, we decided to go with Church Helpmate, and we have not regretted it since. The conversion of our old data was done quickly and we were able to jump in with both feet. In the fall of 2005, we beta tested 2006 version of Church Helpmate and found that most of the features that we had suggested be included in the new version had been included. We have beta tested each subsequent version of Church Helpmate and are now running CH 2010 and each time we are impressed with the improvements that are made. *The ease with which information can be both entered and accessed. *The information that we put into the program, we can get out in great, easily customizable reports. *We have had very few technical support issues, but the ones that we have had (mostly regarding how to do something rather than function of the program) have been answered quickly and effectively. I know that I can e-mail Helpmate and have a response within an hour or two. If it is an issue that needs faster attention, my phone calls are answered promptly or returned if necessary. *I like the personal attention that we get from all of the staff at Helpmate. *It is straightforward and does the tasks that we need it to do. *The multiple tasks of the single program (contributions, groups, attendance, etc.) makes our lives so much easier because we arent having to move between programs.

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Tamera Durbin

Helpmate at The Bridge

Reviewed 2010-10-12
Review Source: Capterra

Very user friendly, cost effective, and invaluable tool for our church. I highly recommend Church Helpmate!We've been using Church Helpmate since the 2006 version came out. After reviewing several similar products we decided this program had great functionality and was available at a great price. We have since upgraded with each new version. We love the product, it serves our growing church very well. All our team leaders use the database and we interface with our accounting program as well. We love that the developers have the church at heart, which they show by making the product license available for unlimited multi-users per church site. Synchronization is simple for multiple users keeping info up to date with ease. I would highly recommend the product for any size church!

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Jennie Tewell

Not very Mac friendly

Reviewed 2011-09-02
Review Source: Capterra

I would recommend to someone ONLY if they are using Windows computers, and if they aren't dealing with a large congregation. Also, I don't recommend this software if you need to access your database from several different locations or from your mobile device. You can access it online. Decently priced.

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Becky Loughridge

Church Helpmate 2010 is Outstanding

Reviewed 2010-10-12
Review Source: Capterra

Extremely satisfied with HelpMate. After the review of several other programs, we found HelpMate to be superior in outcfome and cost.Ease of use, fabulous e-support, Instant update to related fields, organized features, uploads to Outlook, reports, phone directory, ability to modify to meet our needs, better use of time, flexible program features, reliable output, easy to populate fields, drop down features, contributions, reports and groups can be updated easily. data transfer options, and accuracy of programs. This program is a time saver and enables any group to have immediate access to all their records, contacts, and pertinent data.

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Jason Young

No good, to confusing, to cumbersome, to much

Reviewed 2016-04-29
Review Source: Capterra

This program doesn't make changes to a person's profile through out. If you make a change to membership, or baptism, in one place it won't make changes in another. You have to go through four or five different dialogue boxes and menu changes just to do a simple command or print a simple field. It is far from simple. to many choices, to much of too much. You want to track membership you can do better just using an xcell spreadsheet.

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Church Helpmate pricing

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Up to 100 households - $45/month + $50 one-time payment
Up to 300 households - $55/month + $50 one-time payment
Up to 600 households - $65/month + $50 one-time payment
Unlimited plan - $75/month + $50 one-time payment

*Prices are for the cloud based version, Church Helpmate Online

Church Helpmate features

Attendance Management
Automatic Reminders
Communication Management
Contact Database
Data Import/Export
Third Party Integration

Access Control (33 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (42 other apps)
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Additional information for Church Helpmate

Key features of Church Helpmate

  • Daily automatic backup
  • Reminders
  • Web based training
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Track attendance
  • Phone, text and email communication tools
  • Bulk emails
  • Track contributions and pledges
  • Flexible reports and outputs
  • Groups & group membership management
  • Contact database
  • Manage meetings
  • Data transfer services
  • API
  • Technical support via phone, email
  • Time-attendance reports
  • Track visitors
  • Membership management
  • Integration with QuickBooks
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● Church Helpmate Online lets users connect to the software and related databases from any desktop/laptop devices including MacBooks connected to the internet.
● The software offers communication tools including phone & text messaging and bulk email options to connect the church administration and its members.
● The product is automatically updated by the vendor without the end user having to implement the different update versions by themselves.
● Data transfer services offered by Helpmate helps users transfer their existing data to the Church Helpmate software.
● The desktop streaming support offered by Helpmate allows support representatives to connect to users computers directly via an internet connection to fix errors/bugs and reduce troubleshooting time.