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Church management & social collaboration platform

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Mypenmail overview is a web-based < that enables church faculty to interact with each other, as well as with different auxiliaries. The product, which is hosted on the cloud, provides features such as attendance tracking, document management, task management, financial recordkeeping, contact & membership management, and ad-hoc reporting. The software caters to the needs of churches, as well as small businesses in the United States. offers a church specific CRM database with features such as an intuitive dashboard for displaying congregation and finance related information, the dashboard is auto-updated as soon as a new financial input or member related data is added. The church CRM database also offers “My Feed” social feature that allows different groups and departments to interact with each other by liking, commenting or sharing posts. The product also offers a document management feature that stores all types of church related documents such as certificates & sermons, which can be uploaded or downloaded anytime irrespective of their file formats. also offers other business CRM related features such as leads & opportunities management, customer accounts management with details including personal information of as contact, and communication workflow management. also offers additional features such as website design & maintenance services and custom database development with all year round support. The product offers integration with all major credit card gateways for payment processing, as well as with social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


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Mypenmail screenshot: Mypenmail admin dashboard with membership, financial or attendance detailsMypenmail screenshot: Mypenmail attendance tracking dashboard viewMypenmail screenshot: Mypenmail document storage dashboard view tracking documents & versionsMypenmail screenshot: Mypenmail expense report view with financial reportingMypenmail screenshot: Mypenmail 'My Feed' social collaboration featureMypenmail screenshot: Mypenmail reports dashboard with ad-hoc & customized reports generation

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• $19.99 per month (Unlimited Users)

Mypenmail features

Attendance Management
Contact Database
Customizable Reporting
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Key features of Mypenmail

  • Generate customized reports
  • Integration with Facebook & Twitter
  • Real-time data graphs
  • Dashboard for financial information
  • Integration with Facebook & Twitter
  • Manages contact’s personal information
  • Account & contact management
  • Task manager
  • Save all reports, images, and text files
  • Stores documents in multiple file types
  • Collaboration between different church groups
  • Daily backup of all data
  • 256 bit encryption
  • Mass email
  • Attendance tracking
  • Calendar management
  • Mass campaigns
  • Expense and travel manager
  • CSV transfer
  • Credit card integration
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● supports access to multiple concurrent users, allowing them to collaborate with other members, as well as input & analyze the church’s financial information.

● The product offers document management features allowing users to upload or download documents such as church financials, sermons, or certificates, irrespective of their file formats.

● offers a news feed kind of system (like Facebook), allowing users to collaborate efficiently with each other.

● The product offers strong security features such as data encryption and daily backups, it also offers regular system updates to plug security gaps.

● The product’s social database is hosted on the cloud enabling users to access it from anywhere using an HTML-5 compatible device.