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Orange Leap

Web-based constituent relationship management system

This Application No Longer Exists

Orange Leap is no longer available for purchase. Archived information about Orange Leap is available below.

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Intended Users
Non Profit
Supported Countries
United States, Canada
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Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Video Tutorials
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Membership Management Software

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Key Features of Orange Leap

  • Constituent Profile Personalization
  • Multi-Relationship ‘Householding’
  • Plain-Language, Automated Business Rules
  • Modify, rename, or hide any screen or field
  • Determine what data you want to input and its display
  • Apply your own business rules
  • Permissions and Security
  • Flexible Content Management
  • Correspondence and Payment History
  • Reporting at your Users Fingertips


Multi-Relationship ‘Householding’

Powerful relationship capabilities allows you to maintain a multitude of relationships between constituents – whether it is maintaining household members and their head of household and family relationships, and organizations internal hierarchy, or an individual’s circle of friends

Plain-Language, Automated Business Rules

Business rules will assist you in automating many cumbersome and tedious processes that currently require significant staff time and multiple manual reports, queries and actions.

Flexible Content Management

Multiple permanent, temporary, and seasonal address, email, and phone contacts allow you to know how to contact your constituents at any point in time.

Correspondence and Payment History

Our touchpoints section allows you to maintain a list of communications and additional notes associated with a constituent. Entries can be made manually or automatically based upon another event, such as a thank you email.

Permissions and Security

Each named user can have different types of permissions that identify what information they can access: whether entire screens that they can access, or just a defined set of fields on those screens.

Reporting at your Users Fingertips

By utilizing The Guru, Orange Leaps’s reporting, scheduling, and distribution capabilities are extensive and user-friendly, enabling your users to create their own reports with a simple, five-step wizard.

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