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Roll Call

Church management software

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Roll Call overview

Roll Call is an on premises church management software which allows churches to manage community members and keep a track of donations made. The solution is suitable for churches of all size and caters to churches across United States and Canada. It also offers Roll Call on the Cloud, a cloud version wherein the primary software is installed on the local system and the entire data is hosted in the Roll Call cloud.

Roll Call offers child check-in functionality to check the location of students and the classes they are taking within the church premises. It automates attendance record-keeping, registering attendance into the central record as soon as a student is marked present for the class. Administrators can then track the overall attendance record of students, members and church visitors from a single point of source. With Roll Call, churches can organize all contact data and store it in a centralized database. When information is updated from one end, it automatically gets reflected across all terminals, keeping all stakeholders updated in real time. The solution helps in understanding the involvement of people in various church activities. Preachers can track and follow up with people who have been absent continuously for some time.

Church administrators can also print and send bulk emails to all members or a specific group in one go. The software can also integrate with QuickBooks and MYOB to manage accounting. The solution is offered on a one-time license fee depending on the number of people that a church wants to keep a track of with Roll Call.


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Roll Call screenshot: Build a centralized repository of contacts with Roll CallRoll Call Overview - Check-in version 14Roll Call screenshot: Generate unique codes for each students to manage daily attendance with Roll CallRoll Call screenshot: Roll Call offers standard reports which can be customized and downloaded in multi formatRoll Call screenshot: Send bulk emails to group with Roll CallRoll Call screenshot: With Roll Call church can build digital library for its membersRoll Call Overview - Introduction version 13

Roll Call reviews

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Phil Courington

From Many, One

Reviewed 2012-09-06
Review Source: Capterra

I'm already thrilled with Roll Call, and we have yet to realize the benefits of creating our own photo directory, or using it to check in classes. I did just set up our various grade levels of Sunday School, with graduation rules in place- so that next August, one click will update all kids and their information into their appropriate class for next year- sweet. Setting up html email templates using urls from our website graphics was a snap, and made our communications 500% better looking immediately. Creating groups of things like, which members need a printed label for our newsletter and which ones get it online was incredibly easy. You may have noticed, we haven't started to handle our financials in Roll Call yet; it's worth owning even without that! Over the next year, we'll look to see if our Treasurer wants to join in on Roll Call. I do not doubt that if it does Financials as well as it does everything else, it'll be worth changing from ACS. Roll Call is a game changer!Our church had a cobbled-together sock drawer of solutions that had been done one at a time over the years, in which nothing worked together. Roll Call allowed us to take all these disparate elements running under Windows emulation into a unified, dynamic solution in the Mac environment. We are just starting to reap the benefits,as our Fall season begins. It's so great to have our membership database, directory, attendance, Sunday School classes, mailing labels, etc. all 'singing off of the same music.' I would have treated myself to this program, even if the church hadn't purchased it; in addition to saying goodbye to Windows, I no longer have to live in fear that one of six separate things isn't updated properly, or that someone isn't getting a mailing. We haven't even scratched the surface yet as far as the child check-in, but it's coming. The HTML email enables us to look like we're paying for a commercial service, such as Constant Contact. Which we aren't!

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Roll Call

Church management software

Tara Orman

Roll Call Recommendation for Check-In Services

Reviewed 2015-03-20
Review Source: Capterra

Our church of about 500 has recently relocated and wanted to upgrade to a Child Check-In system that printed child's name tags with a parent security tag for a safe and secure child check-out process after class or event. I personally downloaded and tried over 5 different software programs using the "30 day trials" and Roll Call, by far, was the most user friendly! Entering families is quick and simple, creating groups with specific times, people, and locations is helpful, and the Mobile App saves $$ while being user-friendly to whoever steps up to the Check-In tablet Sunday morning. PROS: 1. Family files can be as specific or generic as you need. 2. You can check-in and print 1 child at a time, or you can check-in as a family and everyone's name-tags w/security tags print all together. 3. You can enter in volunteers and create their own group so all people serving can have name-tags as well. 4. Once you understand the printer set-up, from reading the manual and online help, it is easy to move forward with multiple printers and Mobile Check-In sites. 5. Excellent online support with documentations of previously posted help desk questions and the tutorials to solve them. 6. AMAZING phone support during office hours!! Not only helpful but conscious of my end ultimate goal and problem solved me how to get there. 7. Name tags are already designed simply and logically. No need to make a custom design when the default is perfect. 8. The user interface is simple and inviting. Everyone appreciates how clean and welcoming the Check-In screen is. ANYONE can use it :-) Even on the back-end in the set-up program. CONS: And this is from user error... (as in I didn't fully read all the instructions) 1. Confused setting up printers for Client vs. Mobile function. Again, once I read the directions and Josh the tech hero from Roll Call helped me, I was independently setting up and running 5 computers to 2 printers effortlessly. I've only been using the system for a few weeks and have a lot to learn to better support our growing church. Our parents love using the Check-In system and our volunteers love how easy it is for them to use and track our families. Personally, I was sold when I could figure out how to run the program without outside help. I'm not the most tech-savvy mama out there, but Roll Call is simple, straightforward, and they offer EXCELLENT customer support is you do get stuck.

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Roll Call

Church management software

John Froelich

Roll Call Robust Feature Set

Reviewed 2011-02-23
Review Source: Capterra

Roll Call is a robust software package with strong sales and technical support. The ability to use a check reader makes this software very attractive. Set-up is straightforward but will take some study. Data can be exported for manipulation in other software, but to do so will take some higher level skill. Financial summary data can be written to disk for import by some accounting software packages. As a stand-alone or networked database, Roll Call is an excellent affordable product that is worthy of consideration for either Windows or Macintosh platforms.The database structure is well done with a predictable interface. Most impressive is the financial input and tracking. We are implementing using a check reader. This has greatly improved accuracy and has cut the time in half we used to spend counting weekly offerings. Having the check reader alone tips the usability and should be a standard purchase for all Roll Call users. With only a little work, all of the data can be exported for use in other software. Our initial set-up allowed us to import our initial members from a tab-delimited file without problem. This saved days of input and allowed the migration of our data to be quickly accomplished. Financial offering data is easily tracked and the standard reports are very easy and adequate. The program runs equally well on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

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Roll Call

Church management software

Maredith Morris

Grateful New User

Reviewed 2016-12-31
Review Source: Capterra

After serving as church treasurer for 16 years, I decided I needed a break from the weekly (daily) attention. After 6 months of no hassles, I somehow found myself as financial secretary. Piece of cake, right? After a considerable amount of time looking for just the right software, I decided on By The Book's Roll Call. We are a relatively small church (150-200 regular weekly attendance), and don't require a lot of bells and whistles. At first, I thought we could get by with Roll Call Lite, but quickly realized we would need the full version because of wanting to track pledges. The support people at By The Book are SO helpful! I have had to call for support only twice; once, when I had trouble with the download (Norton issues) and again when I was having trouble finding a particular feature. The support people are very nice, and willing to explain various aspects of the software in a friendly and patient way. David is the one I talked to today. He helped me way more that I ever expected. He gave me all the basic information needed to get my church completely set up and ready to post contributions and pledges starting this Sunday. Roll Call has many features we probably will not use anytime in the near future (tracking attendance and that sort of stuff), but still is a very good price for what we will use. My primary use will be for tracking contributions and pledges. Once I got used to how to move around within Roll Call, data entry is very quick and simple. In just one afternoon, I was able to complete the setup and am ready to start posting contributions. Roll Call will allow me to track all contributions to any number of funds, in addition to tracking pledge amounts. The available reports will let me show fund balances and track pledged amounts vs. pledges received, or if anyone is behind or ahead on their pledges and by how much. Roll Call will let me send contribution letters by email or regular mail at any time. I imagine that, at some point, we will use Roll Call to print a church directory. One plus to Roll Call is that the software belongs to the church. It is on our computer. There is no yearly membership fee. One price does it all. If an upgrade is needed, just pay the difference and download. Yes, it IS a piece of cake! Thank you, By The Book!

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Roll Call

Church management software

Mary Kleyn

Administrative Secretary

Reviewed 2010-06-14
Review Source: Capterra

I would highly recommend this database program to any church needing a more efficient way of keeping track of membership records, from mailing lists to giving records to Sunday morning worship attendance. All of my volunteers have been able to quickly learn their area from me just sitting down with them for a short time and walking through the process. I would recommend the full tech support service for at least the first year, if not every year. It's very comforting to know there is someone just a phone call away who can walk you through the process. Overall recommendation would be an A+++.Overall great tech support starting with transfer of data from FileMaker Pro database to Roll Call. Easy to learn basics from just using the program and/or online helps and/or calling tech support. Tech support feels like family after calling and working with them just a couple of times. Entering donations, printing quarterly/yearly/individual statements, keeping track of pledges, running donation/pledge reports - all very easy to learn. I haven't found much that's not user friendly and whenever I've had a question tech support was just a phone call away. I love being able to call Kim, have her connect to my computer and watch as she shows me how to figure something out. If she's not sure she turns me over to Dave and he has been able to walk me through anything I needed. I really appreciate Dave walking me through the download process for every computer in our office. It was a blessing to find such a great program!

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Roll Call

Church management software

Roll Call pricing

Starting from
Pricing options
Free trial
One-time license

$129 for 100 People
$539 for 500 People
$799 for 1000 People
$1099 for 2500 People
$1359 for 5000 People
$1659 for 7500 People
$1959 for Unlimited People

Add-on Pricing
$399 for Mobile Check-in Module
$399 for Roll Call Connect Module
$50/mo. for Cloud Hosting

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  • Generally unhappy, poor forms; not wysiwyg.; expensive.
  • It is a reasonable price compared to other products on the market.
  • User license is by individual versus family
  • Can't think of anything. It just keeps getting better.
  • It is difficult to figure out at first. I had some trouble.
  • Some times difficult to use but I think there are many features we do not take advantage of..
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Roll Call features

Attendance Management
Contact Database
Customizable Reporting
Data Import/Export
Third Party Integration

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Key features of Roll Call

  • List people who were present
  • Capture budgeting information
  • Track contact information
  • Create custom reports
  • Event management tools
  • Export/Import contact information
  • Create income statements
  • Print mailing labels for folks in your database
  • Create and print mail merge letters
  • Create an unlimited number of pledge campaigns
  • Customize donation receipts
  • Grant security access to users
  • Find people based on any field in the database
  • SMS Texting available through Nexmo
  • Manage student's education
  • Print name tags and parent tags
  • Import deposit journal entry into QuickBooks based on batch.
  • Automatically records attendance
  • Track visitations (home visits, hospital visits,etc.)
  • Get directions with webmap


• With a centralized database repository, users can update records at one terminal, which gets reflected across all terminals instantaneously, avoiding the need to replicate data at multiple sources.
• Roll Call allows users to generate year end statements as required by IRS which captures donations and funds received from multiple sources.
• The dashboard feature allows administrators to keep a record of students who are attending classes regularly and what bible studies are they involved in.
• With Roll Call, churches can set up kiosk stations for parents and preachers to check the location of children via a bar code scan, finger print scan or simple name search to ensure the safety of children within church.
• Roll Call also supports bulk email options for group communication with parents, church management or the entire member community.