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Corporate Giant Suite

iLead People, iManage People, iSell Retail and iSell Biz 2 Biz

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Corporate Giant Suite Feature Summary

  • Installed on your PDA. Android, iPhone or iPad
  • A ready reference in the palm of your hand
  • How to navigate the difficult encounters in business
  • Useful hints and tips for dealing with your Boss
  • Useful hints and tips for dealing with difficult situations
  • A practical guide on how to be more influential
  • How to present effectively

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Corporate Giant Suite Feature Reviews

1 reviewers had the following to say about Corporate Giant Suite's features:

AJ Lofthouse

A new genre in PDA Apps, an interesting and highly udseful suite of Apps for young people in business


As guides they work exceptionally well, I had 3 of my people use them for a week and note what difference it made to their day to day activities. The most impressive was that there interaction with me (President) improved markedly.


Easy navigation, simple and useful ideas that work, a proper day-to-day guide rather than a 'book' Very professional production, a useable style, excellent content


Could have more content, these work for young people and I look forward to a set for more experienced managers and sales people in the future

Source: GetApp
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