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AgendaTrac overview

What is AgendaTrac?

Whether you just need to create an agenda for that once a week meeting, or you are searching for a solution for your entire organization, AgendaTrac is the meeting management system that is perfect for everyone. From creating appointments and agendas, to keeping up-to-date minutes, or tracking action items and meeting comments, AgendaTrac can reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks and allow you to better manage your meetings and documents from one simple interface.

The system allows users to not only schedule meetings, but to create complex structured meeting agendas. Meeting items that are not currently pertinent can be moved to AgendaTrac's 'parking lot' area for attention at a later date. This way they're not lost or forgotten. AgendaTrac also allows users to enter meeting minutes at the agenda item level, as well as track all actions and tasks related to meetings. AgendaTrac helps to create actionable outcomes that can be tracked.

Meeting participants can be granted access to AgendaTrac so that they can update their action items, download meeting attachments, add comments, and retrieve agendas at no additional cost. Appointments, agendas, and corresponding meeting minutes are automatically emailed to all participants.


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AgendaTrac screenshot: Structured and detailed agendas can be created for each meeting AgendaTrac screenshot: In case an agenda item needs to be delayed, it can be moved to the 'parking lot' for use at a later dateAgendaTrac screenshot: Live mode allows for the creation of meeting minutes and action lists, can be used during a meeting or at a later timeAgendaTrac screenshot: Meeting participants can access action items at anytime from within AgendaTrac to provide updates to actions that have been assigned to themAgendaTrac screenshot: Meeting participants can share comments related to meetings after the minutes have been distributed. This functions as a central repository to help reduce email conversationsAgendaTrac screenshot: A dashboard provides up-to-date information on meetings scheduled for the current day, future meetings, open action items and meetings that are past due or not finalized

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Roxann Cook

Saves me time conducting meetings

Reviewed 2016-09-26
Review Source: Capterra

I have various meetings throughout the day and AgendaTrac helps me create my agenda and then through the live mode function I can add minutes to each of the agenda line items during the meeting. What really saves me time is the automatic email distribution for both the agenda and minutes. It has really reduced the amount of time that I spend prepping for meetings, I use to use Word to do all of my agendas. The only feature that is missing that I would like to have is a meeting template for agendas, it would save me even more time but I have been told that they will be releasing that soon.

Response from Blue Desert Software

We will be adding template functionality for agendas, as well as some other new features in our upcoming release.

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Personal: $9/month. For individual use.

Team: $23/month. For up to 10 meeting hosts & 500 attendees.

Team Plus: $36/month. For up to 25 meeting hosts & 2000 attendees.

Enterprise: Custom pricing. Unlimited meeting hosts & attendees.

AgendaTrac features

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Additional information for AgendaTrac

Key features of AgendaTrac

  • Scheduling
  • Minutes Management
  • Agenda Management
  • Post-Meeting Tools
  • Materials Management
  • Attendee Management
  • Invitation Management
  • Board Meetings
  • Committee Meetings
  • Internal Meetings
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Quickly create appointments and agendas and automatically distribute meeting documents to meeting attendees.

For meetings that occur on a regular or routine basis, organizers can save time by scheduling recurring meetings.

During meetings, meeting hosts can add multiple action items to each agenda item and then assign these to individual participants with a due date.

After meetings have been finalized and minutes have been distributed, participants can share information and continue to collaborate by adding comments to the meeting.

Minutes can be automatically emailed to all participants at the end of each meeting.

Agenda items that are not currently pertinent can be put to one side and stored in AgendaTrac's parking lot for attention at a later date.