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Agreement Express

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Agreement Express overview

Your Operating Margins Higher Than They Should Be.
Currently the overwhelming standard medium for carrying out business transactions is paper or some form of ‘flat’ electronic file such as Word, PDF or scanned images. Regardless of which traditional medium used, they all require manual effort to drag them through a manual process. This effort burdens companies with excessive operating costs to prepare and manage documents

Operation costs
- Expense of mailing and faxing paper to, from and between signatories
- Labor to check and correct documents that have been returned with errors
- Labor to manually key or scan information and supporting documents into your system of record

Revenue opportunity costs
- If the documents are customer-facing there can be a high abandonment rate
- If your sales staff manually prepares the contracts, then there is a revenue opportunity-cost because sales people spend excessive time preparing and chasing paperwork rather than selling.


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Pricing based on annual volume commitment starting at $5 per document.
Setup, web site, and back end integration pricing based on time and material.

Agreement Express features


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Additional information for Agreement Express

Key features of Agreement Express

  • Document management to monitor and manage your contracts.
  • Workflow automation to eliminate costly manual processes
  • Digital signature technology to eliminate courier costs
  • API to integrate with any website or system of record
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Agreement Express Will Improve Your Operating Margin by $20 - $50 per Contract.
Agreement Express is a hosted contract management software platform that enables organizations to replace all manual processes so that you can automate, and accelerate contracts through each of these bottlenecks in your contract process. Instantly improve productivity - and operating margins in a fast, easy, reliable manner.