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Delivery fleet management and package tracking software

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Beetrack overview

Beetrack is a fleet management and package tracking software for delivery and shipping companies. The software is available bilingually, in English and Spanish, and offers users native android app.

Beetrack enables users to track drivers’ locations in real time through the fleet information dashboard, analyze route options and efficiency, and communicate with drivers to update routes or instructions while drivers are out on delivery. Drivers can use Beetrack’s mobile app to update their delivery status on-the-go, manage compliance and performance-related information, and receive real-time updates. The app is also used for generating proof of delivery, with data collection including shipment or package photographs, barcode scans, recipient signatures, and delivery locations.

Beetrack produces daily and weekly reports on delivery KPIs, which include number of scheduled deliveries, average delivery time, package rejections, compliance levels, and driver performance. These reports can be accessed through the online portal, or emailed to users. Beetrack also includes a built-in alert system, notifying businesses and support teams of delivery issues, allowing for an immediate start on issue tracking and resolution.

With Beetrack, users can choose what delivery status information they want customers to be notified of, such as dispatch status and estimated arrival time, and the system will automatically send out updates by email and/or SMS. Customers can also track their deliveries online, through a widget which can be embedded in a company’s website or Facebook page. Feedback from customers can be recorded at the point of delivery, using the mobile app, with customers rating the condition of their package, the driver’s friendliness, overall quality of service, and more.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

Supported languages

English, Spanish
Beetrack screenshot: Beetrack's app allows drivers access to full route information for all of their deliveriesPresentación BeetrackBeetrack screenshot: Drivers can update delivery status through Beetrack's appsBeetrack screenshot: Beetrack's package tracking includes shipment photos, signatures, and barcode scanningBeetrack screenshot: Users can set which delivery statuses they wish to notify customers of in BeetrackBeetrack screenshot: Beetrack can automatically update customers on the status of their deliveries by email or SMSBeetrack screenshot: Full proof of delivery is generated by Beetrack, including the recipient's signature and a product photoBeetrack screenshot: Beetrack is also available in SpanishKomatsu + BeetrackBeetrack + AD Retail (ABCDin + Dijon)Historias de Clientes: CICHistorias de clientes Beetrack: Transytec

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Beetrack features

Automatic Notifications
Compliance Management
Electronic Signature Capture

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Key features of Beetrack

  • API Rest
  • Fleet management
  • Online delivery tracking
  • Real time dashboard
  • Routing options
  • Proof of delivery
  • Shipment photographs
  • Barcodes
  • Location data
  • Delivery performance management
  • Compliance levels
  • Package rejection statistics
  • In-route issue management
  • Delivery tracking notifications
  • Automatic alerts
  • Issue tracking
  • Customer email and SMS updates
  • Signatures, comments, full customizable by company
  • Route Optimization
  • Route Planning


Fleet information dashboard updates with drivers’ locations and routing options in real time, with the ability to track drivers on the map and analyze route efficiency.

Parcel tracking includes status updates, shipment photos, recipient signatures, barcode scans, all of which can be collected using the mobile app.

Reports are produced daily and weekly for delivery KPIs including package rejections, average delivery times, delivery performance, and compliance, and can be accessed online or by email.

Automatic alerts for delivery issues enable support teams to begin tracking and solving issues before they affect customers.

Customers can be kept updated on the status of their delivery via SMS and email, or track their shipment in real time using Beetrack’s widget embedded in users’ websites or Facebook pages.

Customer feedback can be recorded on delivery, including evaluation of service quality, driver friendliness, package condition.