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Fixed assets & depreciation management software

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Fixed Assets Pricing Reviews

  • In general, this works about as well and is as user friendly as you can expect from something as complicated as a fixed asset tool. We are, in general, very happy with this product.Yardley M.Read the full review
  • The training and customer service is excellent. I think this is a fantastic choice for fixed assets software.Kelly L.Read the full review
  • I like that it is able to track the fixed assets over time and depreciate them accordingly based on the type of asset class it belonged to and if bonus depreciation is used.Ian S.Read the full review
  • The reports are somewhat difficult to customize and we had trouble getting them to be in a format that we wanted.Laura K.Read the full review
  • The only bad experience I have had was with your customer service team.Rashid M.Read the full review
  • The program has small font sizes and sometimes hard to see. The reporting is also a bit confusing once it's printed.Rachel K.Read the full review
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Greg M.

Very Easy to use; good service, expensive pricing model; weak reporting

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-10-15
Review Source: Capterra

The software makes it very easy to upload and mass modify assets. If you buy it, you must get the dataview add-on that lets you integrate the reporting into excel. The base crystal reporting is hard to use and also only allows you to report on one book at a time. The database is very flexible, allowing multiple placed into service dates (one for each book) but the reporting becomes erroneous if you have to input assets placed into service in prior periods or modify the basis of an asset (say, due to an impairment). Instead you need to create new component assets for the modifications. This becomes a problem because BNA charges you based on the number of assets, and the price escalates very quickly. We have only 5 users but are forced to pay for a pricey 100 user license because we have 100,000 assets. In other words, BNA is bad for capital-intensive businesses who need detailed, accurate records. By using easy to understand asset types you can quickly populate all of your books (GAAP, Fed, AMT, etc) because lives and methods are programmed automatically by type. You get great efficiency and simply your tax reporting. If you have unusual assets you can also modify each book separately after you populate the asset type, so you retain flexibility when needed. For a smaller business, this software would be superb. The BNA team was very responsive during our implementation, and did the project management for us. All we had to do was export our old database into CSV or excel and give it to them. The job was very well done.

The asset type method makes training users very easy

The price model is unfair to companies with a large number of assets but few transactions. The reporting is basic and prone to error. An upgrade is required to get a good reporting capability.

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