Meeting Room Management made easy

5.0/5 (2 reviews)


  • booking of meeting rooms, conference rooms
  • Allows self-service booking by all staff
  • Eliminates Double booking
  • Real time availability checking
  • Room utilization tracking
  • Easy to use and intuitive.

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2 reviewers had the following to say about BOOKMEETINGROOM.COM's features:


Great App for Staff Self-Service booking


Until we deployed BOOKMEETINGROOM.COM as a full self-service app for the management of our meeting rooms, there were constant double bookings and overstay and arguments over who booked what and when.


- full self service mode - inbuilt usage reporting - great administration tools - simple to use - very low cost - real time saver


- does not allow temporary reservations - could be better on recurring bookings

Source: GetApp
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SPADE Enterprise Centre - Dublin

Works well for us


There have been little or no complaints and there is no time wasted managing room reservation and usage. Real time saver which has paid for it self already.

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