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CarrierNet overview

What is CarrierNet?


Among the business areas which most benefit from Cloud Computing and Software as a Service are business to business Supply Chains and Logistics. We specialise in Internet based services for the extended supply chain because we know that 24 x 7 Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime access to real information is critical to guarantee efficiency, reduced costs and significantly improved customer service.

CarrierNet, is available in a market leading transaction based cost model, which means you pay only for what you want; when you want it; and when you use it. Increased capacity is available immediately it is needed and, in the event of reduced demand, capacity used and therefore costs incurred also reduce immediately.

This cost model ensures a very rapid return on investment (ROI) with no upfront capital expenditure.

Real-time Transportation Management

CarrierNet Real Time TMS Transport Management System is a highly configurable, user friendly Software as a Service (SaaS) solution from Deltion, providing significant benefits compared to traditional and competitive offerings. CarrierNet is designed to provide all of the features of a complex Transport Management System (TMS), regularly updated, together with functionality and benefits which are only possible with a 24x7 web based service.

Because of its Internet base and 24x7 access, CarrierNet allows real time visibility, collaboration and event management. Most systems allow only hindsight visibility - when it is too late to take corrective action.

Because CarrierNet is a web based, Software as a Service offering, the benefits to companies are much wider and deeper than those of a traditional logistics and transport management system.

CarrierNet has extensive integration capabilities with current disparate legacy systems. This means that there is only one system required to manage and control your operation, including accounts, scanners, and handhelds.

The CarrierNet SaaS transaction based charging model means that clients pay only for what they need when they need it. Included in these transaction costs are access to the Deltion online support system, maintenance and upgrades. CarrierNet provides a future-proof and readily scalable platform, with a central and secure repository of data; fully maintained; regular back-ups with hosted system benefits.

3PL and Carrier Management

The management of out-sourced and in-house fleets is a complex process. The choice rarely comes down to any single factor such as price or service levels. Deltion’s 3PL and Carrier Manager is a collaborative solution which can automate and manage this process for you.

CarrierNet will choose the best company to fulfil a specific order, choosing between in-house and outsourced options. The system will also ensure that the order is only placed with a sub-contractor who has been approved to meet the requirements of the operator. The carrier can also be chosen manually.

Supplier Collections

There has been a growing trend, particularly amongst retail and wholesale companies, towards the collection of orders directly from, providing a transport service and charging the supplier for this service. This service can be provided using own fleet, 3PLs or ad hoc hauliers.

This is a complex operation requiring collaboration between all supply chain partners involved and the creation of visibility and event management in this aspect of the business. It is also often necessary to get sign-off on transactions by three companies – supplier, transport provider and buyer. CarrierNet can handle these issues in real-time.

Slot Booking and Allocation Manager

CarrierNet provides a real time solution which allows shippers to collaborate with their 3PL service providers and multi-tier transport providers to manage the whole process of slot management. This covers booking slots for the most cost effective partner who can meet service and other requirements and the tool provides genuine added value advantage to all logistics trading partners.

This significantly reduces manual effort and the associated delays and errors. Confirmation or rejection of load offers are made immediately on line and the load is offered to the next preferred operator. At the pick-up site, waiting times are reduced dramatically providing better asset utilisation for all partners.

Other key features include:

Transport Cost Billing Manager

Track and Trace Manager


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CarrierNet is a Software as a Service transaction based cost model, with a flexible definition to "transaction". This could be orders, loads, consignments, parcels, pallets, etc

CarrierNet features


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Additional information for CarrierNet

Key features of CarrierNet

  • 3PL and Carrier Management
  • Supplier Collections
  • Slot Booking and Allocation Management
  • Billing Management
  • Exception alerts and KPI reporting
  • Real Time TMS
  • Integration with wide range of systems
  • Multimodal
  • EPOD
  • Signature on Glass
  • Vehicle Checks
  • Electronic Manifest
  • Asset & SKU Scanning
  • Track and Trace
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Duty of Care
  • Backhaul Management
  • Load Tendering
  • Load Building
  • Order Consolidation
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CarrierNet harnesses the power and universal accessibility of the Internet to create complete end-to-end visibility for your planners, management, customers, suppliers, partners, depots and drivers. This removes the need for companies to have multiple solutions to handle different parts of their operation. Any web-enabled device, such as a PC, mobile phone or PDA, can be used to access the system and each of your staff or supply chain partners views only what is relevant to them.

CarrierNet’s integration technology means that you can integrate internal, customer and supplier systems, whether they are legacy or web, so that CarrierNet becomes the portal for all order and resource information.

Critically, a level of customer service that few organisations achieve is now possible. A system of alerts to email and/or mobile phones will automatically warn you when an event occurs in real time which could delay or prevent delivery of an order. You manage the event and tell the customer of the problem before it happens. Because everyone uses the same information, quicker time to invoicing coupled with greater levels of accuracy, mean a reduction in wasted time and unnecessary paperwork.

The end benefit to your customer is clear - access to real time workflow data, which in turn enables them to make better, more informed decisions because they have better control and visibility. And while your customers appreciate the ability to track orders and performance online, you spend much less time on the telephone - 80% less according to some CarrierNet users.

See the Department of Transport White Paper for an estimate of return on investment from using transport management systems, including routing and scheduling. Given that our users pay on a per transaction basis, use of our planning tools, including the most advanced web-based routing and scheduling component, payback is immediate.

CarrierNet puts the onus of accurate data directly on those people who are responsible for progressing an order, whether it be your drivers, sub-contractors, partners, suppliers or customers. Everyone has access to the web-based system using PCs, laptops, mobile phones or PDAs.

Management can focus on how to improve profitability using robust KPIs and business intelligence. A selection of management dashboards provides instant management visibility of key events, money and volumes

CarrierNet is all about the integration of internal, supplier, partner and customer systems to provide a single source of logistics information. Ease of integration with other supply chain systems and technologies, such as order processing, WMS, RFID and in-cab systems is handled seamlessly using the most sophisticated web services tools available. It is also cost effective.

The outcome? Accurate information, including performance measurement at every stage and for every player, all under one umbrella