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Cin7 use case: David Jaikumar

David Jaikumar

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21st of September, 2016
Great Cloud based Software - Easy to use and lots of features

We were a loyal system based inventory software user for almost 3 years (Inflow), everything with our previous software (Inflow) was good. As we have grown, we wanted multiple users and we looked at other options and decided we have to upgrade to a cloud based software. I personally did not want to go on the path of server, VPN etc.. We were very nearly about to sign in for another cloud based system and at the last minute we realised that it is not a special software for fashion industry.. We wanted a software that can cope with Size, Colour, Fabric, Style and Fit variations.. Thank God the other software people actually recommended Cin7 which is a Fashion Industry special software. We are so glad we made the move.. It makes our business day to day operation a breeze and our sales agents in multiple locations (Some offshore as well) entering orders directly into the system.. This cut down or data entry time dramatically.. also we are now able to see or "Out of stock items" by size.. Also the Web portal B2B is a God Send... Our customers love this feature.. I also have to say that the customer service experience I had is double 2 x 5 STAR... On Boarder Jeff made the whole operation so smooth that I never felt I was all alone in this journey... This is genuinely a good product backed by good people.. I recommend this to any business who are looking to upgrade from system based software to cloud based programme.. Thank you guys.. we are still a long way to go with implementing this software in our business, but I am confident that we will get through this..

What do you like best?

Software specially designed for Fashion Industry.. Multiple Size, Style, Fit, Fabric etc.. No problem... Many advanced features like B2B webportal, Xero Integration, Email Integration etc at no extra cost. On-Board support is worth $$$$ of dollars.. They do this so well.. Thank you Jeff... Pivot table reports - We were used to excel reports.. But this Pivot table stuff is out of this world..

What do you dislike?

At times Crashes during log-ins.. I assume a bug... It is understandable considering cloud based system.. Not a major, but it will be great if they can rectify this soon. Automatic email reports.. for example a weekly email to our customers on stock or sales report etc would be a great feature. Simplified data entry short cuts (like Control + D - for entering same data for all lines) would be a great feature to add. Rather than Xero or QuickBooks, a simplified inbuilt payment system in Cin7 will be beneficial for small businesses who don't want to use accounting packages. Single user low cost (under $ 100 per month) version would benefit some small operators..

Why did you end up selecting Cin7 over other applications?

Cin7's ability to handle fashion products

If so, why did you switch?

Inflow was a system based software, we wanted a cloud based solution.

What is your main use case with Cin7?

Inventory management

Give one example how Cin7 has improved the way your organization functions

Our Sales agents can now enter orders directly, earlier the use to email orders to head office for loading the orders..

What is your ROI?

Early days.. but we have positive feedback so far..

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering Cin7

Test other cloud based system as well.. But if you want a good customer support team with good software, Cin7 is a great option.

Time used

6-12 months

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