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ConnectWise Manage use case: Michael Weyant

Michael Weyant

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29th of June, 2016
Long time ConnectWise user still loves ConnectWise

I did 3 years of research before deciding on a PSA. I had a very small company at the time (1 person, me) My colleagues thought I was crazy for buying such a robust system for being such a small company. I bought it because of the built in automation and the ability to create complex agreements. I still have it and I have seen it improve immensely over the years. It's has a .net client and a web interface. Supports widget based pods. Meaning you can add the things you want, remove the things you don't want, and customize the interface per user. QuoteWerks, ConnectWise, Kaseya, Quickbooks - and they ALL integrate. Connectwise will try to sell you, quosal, connectwise, labtech. Personally, and this is just my opinion, Labtech is too complicated. I hate the interface tech's have to use, with a passion. I did some subcontracting for a company that uses LabTech and I had a hard time trying to find the tools I'm looking for. Kasey's interface it so much more user friendly, it's web based. took me a week to become familiar with Kaseya interface, used LabTech for 3 months and was fumbling around trying to find my tools. I checked out LabTech recently, June 2016 and it still sucks. I could go on and on.. So I'll just end here. Just buy ConnectWise, you'll be glad you did.

What do you like best?

Mobile iPhone app is A W E S O M E !!! Your clients can use the customer portal Constant Updates Feature request bidding system. 24 hour support online training videos Application blueprints, telling you which modules interact with other modules. Handles complicated and compounded agreements. If you can sell it, ConnectWise can do it. QuickBooks integration is seamless. if you create a product in ConnectWise it will automatically create the product in QuickBooks when it syncs. Mark invoices as paid in QuickBooks and sync to ConnectWise. They are the biggest, so they integrate with everybody. Go to a big IT conference and ask how many people use ConnectWise. The majority can't be wrong.

What do you dislike?

It can be overwhelming for small companies The north american cloud can be slow sometimes, they know about it, they are rewriting the program so it operates faster but it's a big project. so they release bits and pieces at a time (weekly) If it isn't in ConnectWise it didn't happen, yeah it adds a bunch of work to your day. Junk in junk out. Each user needs their own account. don't buy the on-premise edition, you won't be able to keep up with the updates. They update so frequently I have to update my QuoteWerks frequently,

Why did you end up selecting ConnectWise Manage over other applications?

The automation through workflow rules was the deciding factor. It was built by an IT company to fit the needs of their own company. Now their PSA is the top PSA world wide. Clearly they understand my needs and are the best at what they do.

If so, why did you switch?

I put Tigerpaw here because I used it at a former employer. That company has 7 locations and 150 employee's i showed them ConnectWise and they like it but don't want to switch because of the massive endeavor it is to switch PSA software. recreating agreements, retraining staff, etc. a word to the wise, choose the right solution from the beginning, switching solutions after several years is an overwhelming ordeal.

What is your main use case with ConnectWise Manage?

Ticketing, Invoicing, customer management. It drives out Managed Services and Hosting business.

Give one example how ConnectWise Manage has improved the way your organization functions

Automation. We programmed a collections system using workflow rules. It took a day to perfect and it's paid for itself many times over.

What is your ROI?

I went from 80k per year with just quickbooks and spiceworks, to $250k per year with one tech using ConnectWise and Kaseya.

Time used

2+ years

Rating breakdown

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