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Contalog overview

What is Contalog?

Contalog is a cloud-based platform for digital commerce management across multiple selling platforms, including retail, eCommerce, mobile commerce, field sales, B2B sales, and more. Included are tools for inventory management, order management, product information management, eCommerce and mobile commerce solutions, digital catalogs, and instore experience.

Contalog includes an inventory management system that allows users to adjust stock levels for single or multiple products, track stock availability statuses, assign stock to specific sales channels, save bin locations, transfer stock between warehouses, manage multiple access points, and more. Multiple user profiles can be created with different roles, responsibilities, access permissions, and controls, and any stock transfers are logged with details of the user who performed the transfer, and the time it took place. Users can also group clients based either on their identity or on sales channels, and offer each group specific rates.

Contalog’s order management system can process orders in full or in parts, including invoicing, payment, refunds, and shipping, with the ability to edit orders at any time to add or remove products, change quantities, and recalculate prices. New invoices for edited orders are then sent with the same order ID. All orders are updated in real time, and can be marked with four different statuses - active, finalized, fulfilled, and void - to keep sales teams informed of which orders have been completed, shipped, or delivered.

Contalog offers users tools to build, customize, and manage an eCommerce store, which integrates with over 170 payment gateways and supports payments in a range of currencies. Users can list multiple product variants, with different sizes, colors, or capacities, each with their own price, and display these in the product gallery. Ratings, reviews, and testimonials can also be showcased on the site, and email marketing integrations can use abandoned carts to trigger reminder emails, as well as targeting product offer email to specific customer groups. Contalog also offers bespoke mobile commerce applications, with support for multiple languages, push notifications, and mobile-specific analytics.


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Contalog screenshot: Contalog can generate various report types, which can be customized by usersMulti Channel Inventory & Order Management System SoftwareContalog screenshot: Contalog's reports can give users insight into their best performing products, average order values, user preferences, and  buying behaviorsContalog screenshot: Contalog allows users to filter orders according to various criteriaContalog screenshot: Users can add multiple custom taxes in ContalogContalog screenshot: Users can be given different roles, responsibilities, and access permissions in Contalog

Contalog user reviews


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Marya Dela

Has Everything That a Small Business Needs

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-06-24
Review Source: Capterra

Ours is a small business. Contalog gives everything that our small scale business needs. The cloud solution was also quick to scale when we were rapidly expanding. Just wish it had retail POS integration. Would have helped integrate our retail POS systems to backend networks with ease.

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Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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David Michael

Amazing Product..! Fantastic Support..!

Reviewed 2015-01-14
Review Source: Capterra

Being a field sales person I had tough times, especially when I'm required to update the order statuses while getting back to workplace after a tiring day. Contalog gave me a sigh of relief by offering direct order placing facility in the app which was way too convenient for me and my management as well. So no more sitting in front of computers after closing a sale. Not to forget the portability' Carrying tab for a sale pitch in the place of brochures, models is absolute freedom! Pros: Easy to shuffle back and forth or navigate between products I personally feel swiping and clicking while explaining about the product entices clients. Gives them a better feel'. Offline support reduces the dependency on data connectivity Synchronizing accounts of all sales persons within a network keeps everybody informed about the updates Convenient to calculate the performers by generating reports based on users accounts Better clarity in product categorization Cons: Lack of appointment scheduling system is a minus. Without it, it is hard to schedule follow ups and reschedule delayed appointments. Expecting this feature soon.

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Larry Griffin

Improved Backordering!!!

Reviewed 2016-01-19
Review Source: Capterra

Contalog has helped us to make a profound impact on the way we manage inventory and ordering activities. After using Contalog, we are able to reduce inventory cost, improve back ordering, increasing service level and have faster turn around on new projects. The customer support team are always available to us when we need them, and takes the time to learn our business models to and helps to achieve our targets. Pros: Exclusive stock reservations for sales channels User activity monitoring Partial order processing

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Sujan Patel

 Recommendable For All Businesses

Reviewed 2016-06-15
Review Source: Capterra

We are overwhelmed by the simplicity of Contalog. It gives more than what we expected of it as an omnichannel business management system. Helped establish complete control over inventory and field sales. The community support is also extensive and available within quick notice. A penny-wise business decision.

Complete control over sales, invenory and purchase processing Easy to operate. No special training required Apt for businesses with multiple warehouses

Yet to mature for companies with 1000 plus users

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Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

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Albert Hessler

Pretty Good Solution For Small Businesses

Reviewed 2016-02-12
Review Source: Capterra

Hi. We are pretty satisfied with the way Contalog works. It helped us solve our order management issues. Tracking orders were difficult but with Contalog we now are able to track every single order down to the last detail. The order status information also makes it easy to plan our logistics and cut down costs substantially. In fact, we have grouped our logistics into batches on seeing the analytic reports from Contalog. As a growing business, we had so many customer orders coming up with different and unique requirements. If not for Contalog it would have been very difficult to manage them. And since it works on cloud, it is a cakewalk to have data access across our multiple geographical locations. So that's it. Its a pretty good solution for a growing business.

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Contalog pricing

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30-day free trial, no credit card required.

Basic: Free for up to 2 users and 100 orders
Standard: $9 per month, for up to 10 users and 200 orders
Professional: $29 per month, for up to 20 users and 300 orders
Enterprise: $49 per month, unlimited

Contalog features

Activity Tracking
Automatic Notifications
Billing & Invoicing
Inventory Management

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Audit Trail (342 other apps)
Auditing (386 other apps)
Compliance Management (431 other apps)
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Key features of Contalog

  • Warehouse management
  • Multiple customer and billing addresses
  • Event-specific orders
  • Order editing and adjustments
  • Order reports
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Custom product variants
  • One-step checkout
  • Customer mobile apps
  • Customer management
  • B2B eCommerce
  • Order histories
  • User activity logging
  • Order notifications
  • Customizable store theme
  • Email marketing integrations
  • Invoicing
  • Multiple currency support
  • Offline access
  • Partial order processing
  • Order statuses
  • Product gallery
  • Quotations for bulk orders
  • Real-time updates
  • Stock statuses
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Stock adjustment
  • Multichannel inventory management
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Inventory and warehouse management tools enable users to make stock transfers, track stock distribution, and manage multiple access points in various locations.

Order management system allows for partial order processing, with single or batch processing of orders, and order status tracking.

Orders can be adjusted or edited at any time, to add or remove products, change quantities, and adjust pricing, with the order ID maintained on new invoices.

Order reports and analytics give users insight into their best performing products, average order values, and user preferences and buying behavior.

Users can showcase catalogs, place orders, and more, through the field sales app.

Products can be imported from CSV or XLS files, with attached information on product type, ID, and attributes, such as color and size.

Users can control multiple product variants, all with different buying rules, prices, discounts, and inventory details, and multiple variants can be displayed in the product gallery.

Products can be priced differently for business customers, based on their procurement scales, buying frequencies, and more.