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Contract Alert

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Contract Alert overview

contract|alert is an essential tool for organizations in any area of commercial activity who want to optimize their contract management procedures.

Our software:

* stores all your contract data and documents in one central database
* sends E-Mail notifications to help you remember and meet all contractually-specified deadlines and commitments
* records individual responsibilities of your staff.
* creates financial projections, for budgeting and Analysis
* ensures all your renegotiations and renewals are made on time

Automated contract management: software that gives you a clear overview

contract|alert stores all your contracts and contract-related data on one centralized server.
Any type of business at all can use this software to store and access their key contract information from one place.

It can provide you with an instant overview of all current revolving contracts and provides you with a complete and accurate database that can be used for analysis, planning or auditing activities.
Webbased contract management

Decentralizing data input through a web-based server makes computer-based contract management systems highly efficient and desirable.

Our versatile software allows you to capture all the data thats been entered about a specific contract, and sort it by site or department.

It also allows you to issue specific user-rights to different employees, authorizing or restricting access to different types of information held on your centralized data pool according to their role within your organization, which significantly increases your security.

Data import-/ Export-module

Its data import-module (csv or xls formats) can be used to import all existing information quickly and efficiently into your database.

It also allows you to add fields specific to your organizations activities, and incorporate them into the data input mask.

contract|alert software also comes with a data export-module (html, csv or xls formats), as well as standard templates for generating the type of reports used most frequently in business, such as those used for auditing purposes.


Last, but by no means least, its essential that rigorously high security precautions are built in to any contract management procedure.

For this reason, contract|alert software encrypts all of the data you input, not only while its being transferred, but during storage too.

You can use the contract management software to store data on your own web server, or make use of our own web server. With the latter option of course, there’s no need for your company to invest in any expensive new hardware at all.


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Monthly SaaS usage fees from 13,- € per month per user.

One-time licence from 2.950,- €, including 5 user.

Contract Alert features

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Additional information for Contract Alert

Key features of Contract Alert

  • Data Centralization
  • Automated E-Mail Alerts
  • Contract Milestones workflow
  • AES-Document encryption
  • Reporting and search tools
  • User permissions
  • Contract Approval workflow
  • Custom fields and contract types
  • Data Export to Excel and HTML
  • Converts foreign currencies
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Using the contract administration software not only helps you with routine tasks, but also provides the following benefits:

Data Centralization
By centralizing your data, all your employees know exactly where your contracts information and templates are stored, and have instant access to the latest versions. Employees responsible for quality control within your company can thus verify compliance with agreements quickly and easily.

This guarantees efficiency and continuity, even when employees leave or personnel roles are changed.

Automated E-Mail Alerts
The system sends timely E-Mail warnings about impending expiry deadlines to the right people in your organization. This ensures you always renegotiate or terminate contracts on time.

Guarantees Confidentiality
By assigning each contract to a specified department or site, you can ensure that staff can only view the contracts that are relevant to their work, as assigned in their individual user profile.

Identify Synergies
Particularly for companies with multiple site operations, this software simplifies the process of identifying synergies. Harvesting multi-site data by contract type enables rapid determination of quantities, suppliers and costs.

Studies have shown that up to 20% of procurement costs can be saved by automating contract management.
Even if your company is already so well-organized, it only led to a potential saving of 3%, this would still represents a very worthwhile return on your investment.

Base for Budgeting and Analysis
The data you've entered can easily be used for future projections, and all expenses and income can be sorted by site or department, per calendar year and month. The budgeting process is therefore simplified, and based on accurate data.

Reports can be exported in Excel format for further detailed analysis and budgeting calculations.