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Datafield overview

What is Datafield?

3 simple steps to use Datafield:
1- Compose your forms and survey on Data-field website using any kind of questions, including text based or multiple choices but also media rich questions such as GPS location, pictures and more.

2- Your customers, prospects, field workers or targeted audience access and process your forms instantly

3- You'll receive responses in real time with a smart, web-based, dashboard allowing your to filter by location, profiles, pictures or else. Easy CSV import is also available.


Key features include:
⚑ Most common types of questions: Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Text,
Date, Time, Yes/No, Gender, Likert, Scale/Rate, Number, Email Address,
⚑ Specific media rich questions: Signature, GPS location, Pictures.
⚑ Advanced conditional branching: create logic inside your forms (go to specific question or skip questions based on the respondents results)
⚑ Add instructions for each questions/task to be performed
⚑ Offline Mode: perform survey even when you have no internet / data plan. Send your replies later when you connect to a wifi or 3G network
⚑ Create Public survey easily available to anyone or Corporate survey only available with dedicated password
⚑ Smart Dashboard: receive responses in real time with a smart, web based, dashboard allowing your to filter by location, profiles, pictures or else.
⚑ CSV import for specific integration to your favorite CRM, ERP, spreadsheet software or statistical / data analysis tools
⚑ Multilangue: web dashboard and mobile application available in English, French, Thai Vietnamese, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Bahasa Indonesia
⚑ Integration with Third Party: Automatically feed your Constant Contact and MailChimp emailing list. grab email, names and other relevant information with Datafield application and auto Sync the information inside your existing Constant Contact and MailChimp mailing list.

=> Datafield is an innovative way to collect data and opinion in real time from your stakeholders, anywhere and anytime.


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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China and 3 other markets, India, Japan, Germany

Supported languages

English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, Indonesian, Thai
Datafield screenshot: Beautiful native mobile formsIntroducing Datafield, Mobile forms and surveys. screenshot: Datafield home pageDatafield screenshot: Collect customer satisfactionDatafield screenshot: Collect signature and picture of product at deliveryDatafield screenshot: Capture technical data while doing onsite workDatafield screenshot: Keep track of Inspection and quality control workDatafield screenshot: Audience Response System for polls or referendumDatafield screenshot: Mystery shopping and product display checkDatafield screenshot: Follow up with construction in progressDatafield screenshot: Facility Management tool - Manage checklist, attendance and complianceDatafield screenshot: Control street marketing jobs Datafield screenshot: Email signup form and registration form on iPad, iPhone, AndroidDatafield screenshot: Live picture feed of your operationsDatafield screenshot: Track field workers and sales representativesDatafield screenshot: Best mobile form builder_Build simple or complex forms in secondsDatafield screenshot: Get Customer feedback at point of interaction_Kiosk mode

Datafield reviews


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More business thanks to this App

Reviewed 2013-02-27
Review Source: GetApp

It's been years we were using a paper-based form to get prospects give us some information to prepare a quote. The process was always a bit painful to enforced (who want to fill in forms..) and we regularly lost some data. With Datafield, had a much better response rate and even been able to easily collect a few more valuable data that we could not before. That's been a great improvement in our quotation process.

powerful form builder, lots of features

need to pay set-up fee to have a branded mobile app

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Check-in is a breeze !

Reviewed 2013-01-20
Review Source: GetApp

Our hospital chain is managing tons of registration form everyday then have assistant manually input the data inside our system. With the Datafield App, we provide a tablet to visitors so all their information is instantly feeding our information system.

That's really was a change of life for the group and reduced significantly the queue at the registration desk + mistake in patient information.

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Frank Sposato


Reviewed 2013-03-16
Review Source: GetApp

A very solid app. Makes it easy to deploy and manage your surveys. The offline mode makes it super easy to get people to take your survey directly on your device.

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Jacob Brown

Great App for Voice of the Customer / customer feedback action

Reviewed 2013-02-20
Review Source: GetApp

I've been using the Datafield mobile application to ask my customers their feedback about new products, Ads or events we are organizing. Work great, good responses rate.

- easy to use and set-up - clean interface =>high responses rate - Good value for mobile

only native app, no web version

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Amie Kernan

Fun and convenient

Reviewed 2013-03-04
Review Source: GetApp

I was invited to use this app by my a panel company i do surveys for, they gave me login details. It was easy to install and login and my surveys were waiting for me. I really enjoyed taking surveys on my phone through the app it was convenient for me and much more fun than other surveys i've done, Thanks Datafield!

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Datafield pricing

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We offer a FREE and FULL FEATURED plan as long as you collect a limited numer of forms every month.

All our plans comes with an UNLIMITED numbers of USERS.

Full pricing details available here:

Datafield features


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Additional information for Datafield

Key features of Datafield

  • Offline mode: collect data without internet access
  • Sync with Constant Contact and Mailchimp
  • Full set of API available
  • Get a digital Signature at point of delivery
  • Collect GPS location of mobile repondents
  • Collect pictures of your operation
  • Build your emailing database inside your POS or tradeshow
  • Access collected data on a smart Dashboard
  • On-Demand Sync with SAP, Oracle Net Suite or Podio
  • Export data in CSV/Excel format
  • On-Demand Sync with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics
  • Multi-languages supported
  • Auto-Sync your data with
  • Display pictures and video before asking questions
  • Embedded inside your existing Mobile App
  • Native iOS and Android Application
  • Advanced Conditional branching between questions
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Datafield is the most powerful, yet easy to use, mobile form solution in the market.

have mobile respondents fill-in your beautiful mobile form and instantly access the results or plug the data into your existing Database.

Some of the things you can do with Datafield:
➢ Capture email address and contact information on the spot and auto-Sync data with your Constant Contact and MailChimp mailing list
➢ Organize electronic surveys and polls and collect responses instantly
➢ Facilitate your check-in process (KILL PAPER AT CHECK-IN !)
➢ Manage your on-site audit and inspection (whether be it visiting a prospect, a customer, a supplier, your distribution network or your production plant)
➢ Add new KPI / Evidence of the quality of you operations (capture pictures, with their GPS localization + time and date)
➢ Track the daily routine of field workers
➢ Perform Mystery shopping
➢ Collect feedback and emails of customer inside your shop or during trade show