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Deputy use case: Leanne Fuller

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3rd of November, 2016
Deputy improves our business efficiency

We are in the air-conditioning & mechanical services industry with approx 40 employees and a similar amount of sub-contractors working on various sites throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area. Before we installed Deputy we were relying on each individual signing a "sign on/sign off" sheet at the various job sites. On these large construction sites it's very difficult for the site supervisors to monitor the actual start and finish times of individuals. Time sheets were emailed to us on a fortnightly basis from each employee/sub-contractor. These were all formatted differently and made wages preparation a long and laborious task.

What do you like best?

Each site has an ipad and the employee/sub-contractor logs in at the start and finish of their shift where a photo is also taken which makes the monitoring of staff very easy. The times are approved by the office manager each day and individuals can check what shift times have been approved on their app at any time. Each fortnight the time sheets are printed, which are in an each to read formalt, and wages are prepared from these sheets. This process has reduced approximately five hours of wage preparation. Customer support has also been prompt and efficient.

What do you dislike?

The best way to use Deputy on job sites is with a "kiosk" (ipad). We don't have secure site sheds at all sites so finding a location to put the "kiosk" with available power to charge it was harder in some areas.

Why did you end up selecting Deputy over other applications?

Replicas had a free trial which I tried to use, but I found it very difficult and not user friendly. I spoke with an acquaintance in an unrelated industry who told me about Deputy. I then used their free trial and found it easy to use and was able to set up the entire site for my company without any help from the Deputy Team.

What is your main use case with Deputy?

Tracking employees times and providing formatted time sheets.

Give one example how Deputy has improved the way your organization functions

Wages preparation time has been reduced and monitoring staff start and finish times, particularly on job sites, is much more efficient.

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Recommendations to others considering Deputy

Deputy has made it much easier to track employees start and finish times and also the formatted time sheets speeded up the wages preparation process.

Time used

6-12 months

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