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Deputy use case: Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox

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29th of November, 2016
Blown away

Coming from a background in IT I was very impressed with the product. It is top notch. What really sets it apart is the support. I wish all software companies had the support. 24/7 chat support with knowledgeable, professional and friendly people.

What do you like best?

Support - staff went above and beyond helping me with every aspect of the software. It would make it very easy for a non technical person who is comfortable with chat support to get down and dirty with the software. Usability - the learning curve for my staff is not steep at all and even the non tech savvy folks were able to get on board. Any bumps in the road were ironed out by the excellent support. Openess - I look forward to leveraging the API that the software exposes. It will help me automate tasks such as tip calculation at the end of the evening saving me hours a week.

What do you dislike?

Why aren't other software companies this together?

Why did you end up selecting Deputy over other applications?

Reviews online, free trial

What is your main use case with Deputy?

Scheduling for Food and Beverage service

Give one example how Deputy has improved the way your organization functions

Less time communicating with employees regarding schedule

What is your ROI?

I can't afford to be on the phone/email all day tracking people down when an app and my employees themselves can be doing it.

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You won't be disappointed.

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Less than 6 months

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