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Deputy use case: Anthony Morton

Anthony Morton

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27th of January, 2017
Reduce scheduling time impact on your business

We have over 170 staff in 6 regions nationally. We are looking to expand this to our international teams. We operate event merchandising at venues all around the country, however, we cannot install fixed hardware to have our team clock on and off for their shifts. The Deputy experience for our team created greater transparency and opened up a more robust communication culture. We operate under 3 awards across the business based on location and our team can work in multiple locations, so we needed to develop a script to understand how all the awards needed to interact with each other. Thanks to the thorough API library we were able to completely customize scripts and reports to cut our timesheet approval experience to less than 1 hour on a Monday and the payroll team was able to free up 2 entire days from their week. Our rostering team has been able to reduce the time working on roster production to 2 days and maintenance of the rosters has become a much more simple task - this can often be done in the app! Deputy has allowed our business to scale without increasing our scheduling workload. We have expanded our operations team to focus on our business practices and service delivery and because Deputy is part of our team now we have far greater visibility than ever before without additional time invested.

What do you like best?

No fixed hardware required Scalability News Feed has our team communicating more openly Custom Reporting Award Interpretation - Once scripts written (we run with 3 different awards) App Experience Quick Payroll/Timesheet Approvals

What do you dislike?

Integration of Enterprise Version with Basic Version - Particularly Locations do not pick up the same address fields.

Why did you end up selecting Deputy over other applications?

API library Customer Service Reputation

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Recommendations to others considering Deputy

Understand your award and legislative requirements Use templates provided Broad skill level User Acceptance Testing Be very open with your team about features (Particularly GPS)

Time used

1-2 years

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