Deputy Tutorials - Adding employees


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Deputy Tutorials - Adding employees

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and John (Deputy)

John: So, we decided to use the demo - we already have several people entered in. And you can see we have employee all the way to location manager, giving them different access levels. Well, we need to add a new employee. So, there's two ways we can do that. Add People, and we can add a single person. So just click, and we start typing any information that's relevant. We want to make sure we have their email address, so we can invite them in to use our Deputy account. And if we have their phone number, we can make sure we can send them push notifications too using the mobile apps. This will be an employee level, but we can also break it down by supervisor, location manager, all the way up to system admin. And of course, we're going to have the least access from employee, all the way to the most access, the system admin.

This is a new employee, so of course employee. Works at Bob's Burgers, and stress profile - so this is how you control your overtime. For us, we're in California, so we need 40 hours per week, 8 hours per day. Anything beyond the 8 hours per day is going to be calculated as overtime when we export to our payroll. So, this will allow us to really control that. Deputy will warn us if we try to go into overtime.

So, Cole's actually going to be training for manager, so we're going to go ahead and enter that CPR training. And once he gets to the training, we can move him from employee to location manager. And I'll show you how the CPR correlates with the CPR we attached earlier when we go to schedule.

A couple more things: we can do hourly or salary pay rate. He's hourly, weekday, we have him at 10 dollars. Saturday, it's time and a half, and public holiday you [inaudible 00:01:51]. These are all totally customizable, and once we're all done we just hit save and we're actually in - Oh, I forgot his last name. Probably important. Now, save an invite; that will automatically push out that invite and we're good to go.

Making sure he's on here - perfect. Alright. So, the other way we can add people, if you have a bigger staff and you're coming in, is going to import people. So, you can import them from your accounting software, some of your social media, or an Excel/CSV file. So, just click the one that makes sense - ... Xero/Quickbooks, and it'll pull in all of your employees in one time, making it really easy so you're not entering each person individually.

We're not going to do that now just to save time. And now, we're set. So, we have our people entered into Deputy. Alright, so something that Deputy does for you - on the right, you're going to see, as an admin or a location manager, your staff the entire time. If you have multiple locations, you can pick each location. On our case, we just have Bob's Burgers, but we have Jake, Bob, Louis and Iris color-coded.

Yellow means that Bob and Jake are actually running late. Blue means that Louis and Iris are scheduled, but they're on time and we're good to go. But Iris gave me a phone call this morning and she said that she couldn't work today. So, how do I fix that? Click on Iris' name, and I click Find Replacement. So, this is going to pull up anyone that's qualified to work, and Deputy does five quick checks.

It checks to see, is the person trained for the shift? Are they already working? Have they requested leave? Are they on overtime or are they unavailable for that time? It lets us know that both Cole and John meet all those requirements, so we can individually select one and send out - but this is a pretty important shift, and I just need to get it covered. So, I'm going to select both people and I invite both to the shift.

So now, Deputy sent the push notification to my employees saying, "Hey, there's a shift open. Do you want to pick it up today?" The first person that picks up the shift and responds via the app on their phone, Android or iPhone, it will push back, letting the manager know the shift's covered and it'll close the shift out so there's no double booking. And then you, as the manager, can go about your day, not worrying about that shift later on.

Great, alright. So, now, Iris is changed to pink, and that lets us know that right now, it's in an open shift mode, and we're waiting for a response from one of our two staff members, so the shift can be covered up.