Deputy Tutorials - Hands on Deputy dashboard


Staff Scheduling, Time & Attendance (Time Clock) & More

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Deputy Tutorials - Hands on Deputy dashboard

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and John (Deputy)

John: Alright, so once you got to and you've signed in using Facebook, Google+, or just your name and email, you're going to pop-up to the onboarding screen. This is brand new and it's one of the best features that I think Deputy offers now.

On the right, you can jump directly into entering your real business and just go. You're going to get a blank slate, no information entered. But what's really cool, we give you 30 days on a repeat 30-day trial, unlimited, to check it out. So, if you own a restaurant or you own retail, you can simply click on the left and you're going to get dummy data filled in, and you can actually see schedules and sales data. And employee cost already pre-filled, so you can see what Deputy can really offer you. So, let's just jump into Bob's Burgers and then take a look.

Scheduling is going to be the most important part for me. If you want to jump into time and attendance and see how your style clocks in, you can choose the right option. But let's hit scheduling, and we're going to have a demo generated. Take a few seconds to populate - about 10 to 20 employees. Their costs will be entered in, they'll have schedule, they'll have timesheets ready to approve, giving you all the information upfront. So as soon as this pops up, great.

Alright, so something really important to know, is that what you're seeing here is an admin view. So across the top from me, all the way over to reports, is a view that only the admin can see. Your employees will be limited to me, Newsfeed and ... So, what are those?

Today, what we're going to do is go into locations, and we're going to break it down. You're going to see how to customize Bob's Burgers to make it exactly what your business needs are. And we'll get into that a little deeper in a moment. And then we can go into people, you can see we already have our staff entered and there are different access levels. You can enter more staff very simply; or when you're ready to start-up with your own business, we can clear this out and we can just enter your employees.

From there, we're going to jump into schedule, we'll take a look on how easy it is to create a schedule and see sales data integrated with your labor cost. We'll assign a few tasks to our employees, then we will community with our employees using the newsfeed. From that point, I'll show you how your staff will actually clock in and clock out using Deputy, and then for a manager and a system admin view, we'll jump into the timesheets. We'll approve some timesheets and export timesheets using one of our mini integrations, and we'll finish up going into reports and seeing all that information broken down so you can really get a handle on your business.