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Deputy Tutorials - Support and help center

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and John (Deputy)

John: We have 24/7 support, so we are in 74 countries around the world. So, we have support staff in time zones all around the world to make sure that everyone really can great an answer they need when the problem arises. So by clicking the question mark down here, you can actually see who's online currently, and you can create a new conversation and ask any question you have. Those are usually responded within five to ten minutes; generally quicker than that. And we get down to any answers that you need.

Although if it gets deeper than that, you can also go directly to Enable Support Access, and this will allow one of Deputy's service team members to actually go into your account and help you with any issue that you may have. What I really like to use though is the Help website.

So, this is really useful. There are JPEG images in here, there are short videos and articles. Whenever I have a question about Deputy, this is where I come. And I just start to type in any issue I may have. So, let's say this one, I need something to do with planned sheets, so it's going to say - oh, perfect, Timesheets 101, and down. And I need to know - there it is, on the iPhone app. So, how does that work? Well, here it is. So, here's a picture of the actual what it looks like, from a system admin view, all your employee staff and any information you need, which is really, really great.

We also update this whenever we push out new features for Deputy. There's a new Help article that goes along with it, so they can be really a self-service tool. But of course, like I said, we're always there to chat with you if you do need any further help or support. Also to point out, we do weekly webinars. So from, you can actually go into our webinars page and sign up for - I think there are three times now each week. So whatever meets your timeframe, just jump in. They're usually about 30 minutes and it gives you a great overview from employee or system admin. Anyone can jump on here and just really understand how to use Deputy the best way possible.