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Deputy Tutorials - The Kiosk mobile app

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and John (Deputy)

John: Over 85% of our users worldwide use the Kiosk, so I want to show you that now.

Alright, so most businesses are going to have an iPad mounted in their store if they want to use the Deputy Kiosk. So, Bob's Burgers is a pretty cool place. We have our iPad mounted, our staff comes in and they can see the list of employees right on the left. Because we're also using a cloud-based POS, we already had an iPad running ... for our staff to use. So, we can run both apps on the same iPad.

So I tap my name on the left and I type in my pin number, and it's going to open up my profile. Now, I have Deputy set to capture a picture and put that picture on the timesheet that's actually been created. So, I can verify the right person was there and a buddy wasn't punching him in. So, I hit start shift, and deputy just captured a picture of me and my manager can pull a report and can always see that picture attached to that timesheet, verifying the right person was there. I'm also coming back to here to start my break. I'm going to end my shift. Although, let's jump back over to news feed, and I can see there's that really important safety article. So, I select hit, I make a teeny look at it. And just by hitting 'I Confirm', I've confirmed that I've read it or seen the article, and my manager gets a notification saying, "Hey, this person's already read it. You don't have to worry about it." And you can see in the priority, it moves down. I'm in - we have a new required confirmation up at the very top that takes priority.

We can also take a look over on the left. It looks like I have no tasks today, so I can just go along with my normal duties; go into calendar. This is pretty cool, because I can look into the past and see what days I worked and how many hours the Deputy logged, so I can verify, one, that I'm getting paid the right amount, and I can see exactly how many hours I've worked.

I can also look into the future and see who I'm working with, which is pretty cool. And again, that's customizable. My manager can shut that off if he wishes, but in this case we find our staff is more engaged when they're excited about who they're going to work with, and I can also see the hours that are worked. And right from the kiosk, I can tap '+' and I can add unavailability or leave.

So, unavailability is not confirmed time off. That is a request to a manager of when you would like to work and when you would like not to work, but it's not guaranteed. However, if I request leave, I can actually select the date and I can leave any comments. So this is that 'new test for school', and I want to make sure that my manager knows that. And then I'll notify Bob, my manager, hit 'OK', and I'll request leave.
So, that gets a push notification sent to Bob. And as soon as he approves it, it will change from a wait approval up here on the top right to approved, and I can go ahead and not worry about that shift. Someone else will cover it.

So, now that I'm engaged, I know what I need to do today, I'm excited; I just hit log out and I'm ready to get to work.