DEXMA PLM + Reviews

DEXMA PLM + Reviews


Web PLM Solution to Manage Engineering Processes

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24th of March, 2014

Engineers and manufacturing companies to look into this software

Seems the company`s a new player in the market and aimed for engineers and manufacturing professionals. They call it PDM and PLM for smaller companies. Headcount is mentioned on the main page. More information can be found the corporate website - functional set is presented profound enough there. You can reach them by the phone on the contact page.

Pros: The pricing policy is user friendly. Interface looks simple but not that up-to-date as to images in the pages of the interface.

Cons: Not found, need deeper look and more learning.

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30th of July, 2013

All takes are my own opinion

As I got from website it is a SaaS for engineering companies. Good looking website and more or less detailed information on the product presented. I gave that team 3 stars to encourage to move on and make more improvements.

Pros: Seems pricing is friendly for small businesses. But I am not sure if price is a defining factor to opt for a software nowdays. Interface does not have modern look but still simple and understandable.

Cons: Seems they need to bring in more efforts to make a system work smoothly in the browser. Switching from one application to another is not so fast as I would expect from the cloud solution from the browser.

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23rd of November, 2012

Affordable software in cloud for engineers

I am an engineer and recently came across press-release on Dexma PLM. I contacted them via email on their page and they came back very quickly. I got comprehensive answers on my questions. And will study more on how to enhance my engineering tasks with DEXMA. Seems to be serious company.

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18th of November, 2012

DEXMA PLM seems to be a good alternative to all current software

I did not get too deep wih DEXMA yet. But at a first glance DEXMA looks nice and very untuitive in interface. They have 3D model viewing inside. Document management is very well presented. I will need some more time to study this plm solution. But would recommend everyone to take a closer look at it.

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