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E2 Shop System

Shop management for shops & made-to-order manufacturers

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E2 Shop System Pricing, Features, Reviews and Alternatives

E2 Shop System product overview

What is E2 Shop System?

E2 Shop System by Shoptech is a shop management solution for manufacturers and made-to-order job shops with total shop floor control and order management. Designed to assist any size and type of shop including repair shops, fabrication shops, and manufacturers, E2 Shop System provides features for estimating, order management, material purchase orders, scheduling, quality control, data collection, shipping management and tracking, and accounting.

Key benefits of using E2 Shop System

  • Generate accurate estimates and quotes using data on materials, labor, and time, and by recalling data from previous, similar jobs as a benchmark. Quotes can be sent to customers directly by fax or email from within the E2 Shop System.

  • Turn quotes into orders with just one click and automatically create a printable job folder to keep all team members updated. Inventory levels are automatically updated taking into account the materials needed for the finished product, and materials can be changed at any time to meet client needs.

  • Schedule jobs and identify any bottlenecks using the whiteboard scheduling tool. Users can control the timing and release dates for materials and jobs with prioritization of the most important tasks.

  • Automatically generate packing slips, shipping labels, and bills of lading to attach to finished orders for shipping. Shipments can be tracked online in order to provide customers with updates on the status of their delivery.

  • Integrate with QuickBooks to automate the input of data such as purchase orders, sales figures, and more. The accounting modules allows users to manage finances and view reports on over 200 different metrics relating to financial health and cash flow.
  • Typical customers

    Small businesses
    Mid size businesses
    Large enterprises

    Platforms supported


    Support options

    Email/Help Desk
    Phone Support
    Knowledge Base

    Training options

    Live Online
    In Person

    E2 Shop System features




    Total Features56 12 categories

    Most valued features by users

    Activity Dashboard
    Inventory Management
    Document Management
    Workflow Management
    Real Time Data
    Production Scheduling

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    E2 Shop System users reviews

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    Positive reviews


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    Rating breakdown
    • Value for money
    • Ease of use
    • Features
    • Customer support
    • Likelihood to recommend8.66/10
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    The cloud base platform is a significant improvement from the local-hosted version. They also have fantastic technical support.


    Rich T.

    These savings are passed on to our customers which benefits our company's growth and success rate.


    Vickie P.

    Ease of use and the integration with Quickbooks for accounting. Reports look great and its awesome that you can get help to customize the reports if you want.

    Sandra C.

    Too many clicks and process and unprocess is a pain. E2 is significantly geared to a production environment - where we are a custom shop (Tool & Die).


    Lia R.

    I find this software to be overly complicated and confusing which is a real problem since it’s purpose is to make things easier and run smoothly.


    Scott K.

    The only problem I have with the Software is it does not incorporate the payroll.


    Vickie S.

    Overall rating contenders

    Overall Rating
    • Value for money
    • Ease of use
    • Features
    • Customer support
    • Likelihood to recommend9/10

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    E2 Shoptech revolutionized our shop

    Reviewed 3 years ago

    1. No IT guy cost to maintain server. 2. Can use inexpensive workstations. We use Chromebooks for data collection. I also use a chromebook for trips. 3. Android/Apple app for tablets that can be used for data collection 4. Also just released an app for employees to check in and out from their phone. You can post stock from this app. 5. Work from anywhere. I was in Minnesota 2 weeks ago during a blizzard. I was at starbucks, posted up next to the window, working on my chromebook with no hick ups. 6. New updated features over the old system. Better reports. More capable Hot Spots. 7. Works the same as the old system, just things are in different spots. 8. Better, more efficient user interface 9. Easier to customize reports 10. Just introduced Dashboards


    1. The subscription price. 2. Cert control in general can be better. 3. Employee Clock in Module is a pain. You cannot edit someone time until they are clocked out.

    Overall Rating
    • Value for money
    • Ease of use
    • Features
    • Customer support
    • Likelihood to recommend10/10

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    Excellent Product

    Reviewed 2 months ago

    We are happy with the software and look forward to the future. The consistent upgrades are promising and encourage users to stay, but we hope that the price does not go up exponentially with the merger with ECI.


    The software is powerful and easy to use a majority of the time. Support is helpful and readily available. We use E2/Jobboss2 for all of our estimating, order management, quoting, purchasing, scheduling, and more. After 6 years with the software it is definitely sustainable and a needed tool in our shop.


    The homepage user interface is difficult to look at. There is a lack of customization options concerning fonts, text size, etc. Right now we have to use third party extensions to try and adjust fonts so some of our users can read the text properly. These extensions tend to cause problems with the logos so navigating becomes a little more difficult if you aren't familiar with where the buttons are. Implementing higher contrast homescreens would be beneficial and/or having an ingrained option for text size customization.

    Overall Rating
    • Value for money
    • Ease of use
    • Features
    • Customer support
    • Likelihood to recommend8/10

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    Small Business Looking for Shop Control

    Reviewed 5 years ago

    Experience: We are a small family owned business that needed to get ISO certified as a requirement by our customer. We did our research and E2 was the best company to offer shop control and offer ISO certification. We have been using E2 since 2012, we have been ISO certified since 2012. We were eager and became ISO certified within 6 months (take a lot of work and dedication to get it done quickly)....


    Software does not allow you to do multiple things at once, it is very simplistic which might be best. Difficult to customize it to you specific needs, it can be done but there is a cost for that. If you are a start up company this software would be great to get you going with all aspects, if you are an established company you might need to adjust how you do things. We still do all of our accounting and customer quoting from QuickBooks as that works best for our company. We do not use E2 for scheduling as we are a fast pace job shop and things change on the fly and difficult to schedule within the software.

    Overall Rating
    • Value for money
    • Ease of use
    • Features
    • Customer support
    • Likelihood to recommend10/10

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    Reviewed a month ago

    I have been using this software for an year now. Overall, its a well organized software. Software is easy to learn & operate, When you start your career as an Estimator. In the Estimating stage, this software helps to add all the aspects of the job cost interms of material and labour in an organized manner, so all the costs of the job are covered. In the Manufacturing stage, this software helps to track all the time and material of multiple jobs at ease. It was easy to train all the employees the process of scanning time & material. Job Cost Summary : All the Information tracked gives the Actual material & labour that goes into the job and as been very informative and useful in improving the Job pricing process. Overall, this software helps to achieve the target set for the company.


    I cant really find that is serious & affects the work. But there are a few Cons like : Difficulty in giving access to Inventory stock to certain people. Need ease of designing a report template. There is no option for paid break in the default settings.

    Overall Rating
    • Value for money
    • Ease of use
    • Features
    • Customer support
    • Likelihood to recommend10/10

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    Steve Cate

    Reviewed 7 months ago

    We can quote jobs so fast with E2 it has become the way we control the pace of our business. If we want to be busier we submit a quote within hours of the RFQ. If we are too busy we take longer to submit quotes. It also helps a lot with scheduling but scheduling is the most difficult function to use.


    Ease of use and good tech support. Very similar to quickbooks


    When allocating stock to jobs, unless it was purchased specifically for that job, it is a bit cumbersome so we had a custom report written to allow the tag number of the inventory to be scanned.

    E2 Shop System FAQs and common questions

    E2 Shop System has the following typical customers:
    Freelancers, Mid Size Business, Small Business

    E2 Shop System supports the following languages:

    E2 Shop System supports the following devices:
    Android, iPhone, iPad

    No, E2 Shop System does not have an API available.

    E2 Shop System integrates with the following applications:
    QuickBooks Online Advanced, CenterPoint Accounting

    E2 Shop System offers the following support options:
    FAQs/Forum, Email/Help Desk, Phone Support, Chat, Knowledge Base

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