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Enterprise Optimizer

Modeling and analytics platform

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This Application No Longer Exists

Enterprise Optimizer is no longer available for purchase. Archived information about Enterprise Optimizer is available below.

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Key Features of Enterprise Optimizer

  • Visual modeling that uses a natural language
  • Optimize solutions based on any financial or operational met
  • Single, integrated, modeling platform
  • Align models with your company’s Chart of Accounts
  • Rules engine and knowledge bases
  • Extendable decision-support platform
  • Visibility and communications


River Logic is providing this COMPLIMENTARY SOFTWARE, through its R&D Initiative, to empower academics, software developers, operations researchers, planning and Business Intelligence (BI) professionals, and business analysts with a constraint-based, predictive modeling technology that can be used to create business applications that can be used to drive BI, strategic planning, and decision support across an enterprise.

Enterprise Optimizer Research modelers/developers can advance computer and management science and key areas of operations research, which increasingly rely on business intelligence technology for decision support, by developing, collaborating, and issuing business applications for sale or distribution in alliance with River Logic and its strategic business partners.