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Envoy use case: Dana Brown

Dana Brown

Verified Reviewer  
19th of September, 2016
Invaluable for our office!

We love using Envoy at our office. Envoy's purpose is to make the visitor registration system delightful and painless, and it certainly delivers. Guests are wowed upon arrival when they are directed to sign in on a beautiful, customized iPad.

What do you like best?

Easy to setup, easy to use, great support, wonderful community of users and community manager!

What do you dislike?

There are none, really -- they keep adding new features and add-ons that make the experience even better.

Why did you end up selecting Envoy over other applications?

I honestly don't remember the other options I looked at because none really compared to the overall Envoy experience.

Give one example how Envoy has improved the way your organization functions

Visitors may no longer enter the building at their leisure without first signing in. This increases our security exponentially and ensures employees feel safe in their workspace.

What is your ROI?

Envoy has been invaluable. The monthly cost is well worth the value.

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering Envoy

I definitely recommend implementing Envoy in to your office. As an Office Manager/Receptionist/etc, your job will be so much easier!

Time used

1-2 years

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