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Field Harmony

Field service management software

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Field Harmony overview

Field Harmony was built by the owner of a appliance repair business owner, so we know a thing or two about field service management. Field Harmony has been tailored from the ground-up to focus on exactly the business problems and challenges that face actual service operators.


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Field Harmony screenshot: Technicians can manage their day better with Field Harmony.A second look at Field HarmonyField Harmony screenshot: Complete jobs by adding attachments and creating invoices right from your device.Field Harmony screenshot: Technicians can accept jobs on any device.Field Harmony screenshot: Our advanced reports let you view your most profitable days, technicians, and more.Field Harmony screenshot: View customer jobs, locations, and invoices.Field Harmony screenshot: View daily, weekly, or monthly schedules.Field Harmony screenshot: Manage customer locations and appointments

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Robert Shoemake

excellent resource

Reviewed 2014-10-25
Review Source: GetApp

I was kinda hesitant to put our whole operation under an online app. It's just like trusting another person you don't know to manage your money. We are currently still in the trial phase as far as I'm concerned still. Paul has always been able to answer any questions I have., so I would give there customer support a gold star and in this case I guess it's 5 gold stars. The inventory tracking and reorder setup seems to be working as described. It has saved our technicians a lot of time since they don't have to worry about not having the right parts on board. They also don't have to do a 3 hour truck inventory every month which in costs us a lot in productivity. Our warehouse staff has also noticed similar results. i understand there are definitely more features, but we are implementing very slowly at this point. Field Harmony has increased our overall productivity. It still has some features we haven't utilized. The is less room for human error.

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Scottie Taylor

An awesome app

Reviewed 2014-09-15
Review Source: GetApp

Look no further. This is it. If you need a cloud-based software package for your field techs and office to use, you've found what I would consider the best of the bunch. Easy to learn, easy to use, accessible for anywhere with an internet connection and the best feature that you don't have to use all that often, great support on the back end. Field Harmony does customer management, inventory management, job management and reordering of inventory if you so desire. It's about as comprehensive a package as I've found and does everything I can think of wanting it to do other than the job for me! My company would still be using paper logs without this and in this day and age that's just now way to run a business. Look at Field Harmony and you'll be glad you did.Organized Easy to use Easy to learn Great tech support Cloud-based It. Just. Works.

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Toni Ellis

Great Product

Reviewed 2014-09-10
Review Source: GetApp

Just have to give some much deserved praise to this company. I was under a free trial but my life was very busy and I was unable to really get a feel for what the program would do. Paul reached out and offered to do a walk through online with me when things calmed down and even gave me another month trial so I could really assess the program properly. His view point of "treating others like he would like to be treated" is a HUGE selling point with me and he backs up the words with actions that proves that he is trying to help the appliance repair companies that use his program. I am working with the program now and really enjoying it!Designed specifically for the appliance repair industry. Easy to use. GREAT customer service with quick response when questions/problems arise.

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Scottie Taylor

THE software for field service

Reviewed 2014-11-01
Review Source: Capterra

Pros: It. Just. Works. Field Harmony does mapping, service scheduling, inventory management, customer management, parts ordering(if you want it to). It does pretty much everything you could need for your field techs to be successful. It works for small business or large and does what you need it to do. Customer service is outstanding. They're on the ball addressing problems when they arise and are easy to get a hold of through email or phone and are always friendly and eager to help. You couldn't ask for better service. Cons: Honestly can't think of any real flaws or cons in the system. Guess it would be better if it was free but that's not really much of a complaint.

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Tim Nye

It's awesome!

Reviewed 2015-01-21
Review Source: Capterra

Ive used FH for over a year now. Its been great. The office gals love it and after some working with it- the techs love it too. As the owner, I found this program to be very affordable and well worth the effort of moving from a paper based invoice to an email invoice. Its really helped organize my calls. No dropped calls, no forgotten invoices, no missed opportunities. Its been great. Paul has been very responsive in training me and assisting in learning the program. Very pleased with Field Harmony.

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Field Harmony pricing

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Try Field Harmony free for 30 days, no credit card required!
• Field Harmony - Field Edition costs $15 per month and is ideal for field technicians.
• Field Harmony - Office Edition costs $25 per month and is perfect for business managers and dispatch operators.

Field Harmony features


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Additional information for Field Harmony

Key features of Field Harmony

  • Appointment Confirmation with Photo
  • Manage Dispatch & Scheduling
  • Advanced Financial Reports
  • Locate Field Technicians by GPS
  • Estimate Profit by Technician
  • Use on Any Internet Connected Device
  • Manage Inventory, Set Up Alerts, and Notify Suppliers
  • Store Data Securely Using Amazon's S3 Service
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Since Field Harmony is web based, you can manage your business on your tablet, laptop, desktop, or even your smartphone. Built by need, Field Harmony is designed to save your business money and make it more productive. Support is free and you can be up and going in 30 minutes!