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FieldOne overview

FieldOne is a Field Service Management Platfom designed to organize, automate and analyze technicians' workflow on the field. FieldOne comes with scheduling & dispatching capabilities with automated routing. Managers can use dashboards, reporting & analytics tools to drive operations and maintain service quality.

FieldOne manages and tracks inventory information (RMAs, stocks, etc.) to sync resources with work orders on the field. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, FieldOne also helps to manage customers' lifecycle. Through contracts and warranty management, FieldOne provides customers & asset information to drive satisfaction and revenue.

FieldOne comes with native mobile apps and collaboration workspace to help teams sync. Knowledge management tools are designed to enable field service agents to access crucial information (manuals, documentation, maintenance histories, notes, etc.) from mobile devices, desktops or online portals. Field service teams can set automated alerts and notifications with customers communications features to keep them up-to-date and to improve customer satisfaction.


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English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish and 17 other languages, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian
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Tracey Gleason

Reviewed 2013-07-11
Review Source: Software Advice

This is an update to my original review in February of 2013. Although I stated previously that Field One software is a great product, I had issues with the lack of truly customizable reporting that I had been led to believe would be available when I signed on, as well as their customer service. Recently, I spent some very productive time with Geoff, a Field One implementer/trainer, and now have a much greater understanding of the capabilities of Field One. I also realized that there is so much flexibility within the program to manage one’s business that it can be difficult to understand how to best set up the program for your specific business needs. I believe this is why Field One now requires mandatory upfront training, so this initial learning curve will be greatly reduced. With Geoff’s help (who far exceeded my expectations), I was able to design a Key Performance Indicator report that will truly help manage the performance of my team and direct us to better understand areas of opportunities and strengths. This is not just financial reporting; that is the easy part. This report provides actual performance tracking and conversion rates, which is critical to the success of any business, regardless of the industry. This was a custom report, for which I paid a fee, but I have to say that the value of the report far exceeded the price. Field One was more than fair. One of the reasons I had decided to change software companies in the first place was that I was not only limited to looking at reports that the software company created and deemed useful, but I was not able to input key data points that I found necessary to track. I wanted and needed the flexibility to analyze my data in many different ways so I could truly understand every detail of the business and key indicators. Field One by far provides this flexibility better than any other program I have researched. These reports (or really data views) are available for all facets of the business; A/R, P&L, Invoicing, Work Orders, etc. and do not require any customization by Field One programmers. My custom KPI report actually took pieces from many of the existing Field One data views to create a single all- encompassing report that gives me every Performance & P&L data point I need to manage my business – it is really quite something! I am now comfortable recommending Field One software. I believe that the combination of my increased understanding of the program capabilities (which I am pretty sure F1 now covers in more detail in the initial training phase), as well as the increased attention by F1 to their customers’ needs, has improved my opinion of the company. **Previous Review** We are a small plumbing, heating & cooling company who began researching software options in October of 2011. Our catalyst for change was that our current software did not allow for the flexibility in pulling the existing data from our system to generate management reports. We came upon Field One and the greatest selling points to us was the ability to self generate any report we needed, as the data is in the system and available to us. This is not the case. The only reports in the system are the reports that Field One has decided are valuable for a business owner, but I am not sure any of them have owned a PHC company because many key business reports have to be programmed by Field One for a fee. We also had a Go Live date that was agreed upon by Field One and my company, as they were transferring our data from our existing software. This Go Live date was delayed by three months by Field One, however, they would not prepare us for the delays. Instead, they would commit to a firm day and miss it without any notification to us. This cost us much money in staff time and inefficiencies for which we were not compensated. I have low confidence in their technical support. I will talk to two different F1 tech support employees and receive two different answers. If the product is so specialized that it requires techs to be trained in different product functionality, then this is how F1 should structure itself. But to receive different answers to the exact same question, is not acceptable. There is also little follow up from technical support when they do not know the answer or commit to forwarding the issue along to another staff member. When I do call back, its as if this is the first they heard of the issue. The QB interface is not what I had expected or was implied, however, I can live with that piece. It's the inability to self create reports to measure my company KPI's that is the problem. In my opinion, KPI's are the driver of any successful business. Financials will tell you if you hit or missed your financial goals, however, KPI's will pinpoint exactly where you need to focus your efforts. This was the whole point of my switch to Field One. I do have to say that I think the software itself has huge potential. I have provided feedback on what business leaders find useful in managing their business but they seem to abide by their current business model. I know that being in the service business, I would not survive with that same business model.

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Liesl Ramsay

Reviewed 2013-05-10
Review Source: Software Advice

We are a family/woman owned business that services and repairs backup generators. We have been in business for over 100 years and with all that experience we have become power solution experts. We are proud to have continued to grow and are always on the look out for new tools to automate our administrative processes. We currently have 18 employees, 5 of which are generator technicians. We are located in beautiful Wine Country, California, 50 miles north of San Francisco. We had been using a cloud scheduling system for three years that took us out of our folders and paper processes into an online scheduling system. What an improvement! But we soon found out that the system was full of limitations. It took us approximately 18 hours a month to open our service agreement work orders. We could make no reoccurring schedules. We also could never make the system connect to Quickbooks, so we had to "double" process all of our billings - in a nutshell, we needed a more efficient system because our profit was going out the door due to the redundant and downright ridiculous administrative processes. We hired an IT specialist to find us a new system and Fieldone was chosen. We purchased Fieldone (Terra) approximately five months ago. We wanted to avoid doing manual entry so we uploaded approximately 2500 customers and agreements into Fieldone. We also wanted to import over 5000 parts. What seemed like an easy task was actually quite daunting. The old system would only export portions of reports, so in order to get complete reports we would have to merge information using excel - let's just say we became very good at excel! It was a very time consuming process that took so much time that we had to start all over again and re-upload everything because we had fallen behind on keeping information current. Because we had never been able to merge Quickbooks with our old system, we had to match every customer name exactly between FieldOne and Quickbooks. This task alone took approximately 24 hours to complete. It took us months to upload our information into FieldOne. Debbie Smith was our FieldOne representative and she was fantastic every step of the way - she is always sunny and helpful. Because we do emergency support, for example a hospital can loose power and we need all data in an instant, we are still using our old system as well as FieldOne. The tutorials are very helpful and if you know Excel you will really enjoy FieldOne. However, my staff is having a hard time making the transition. Most of my employees have average computer skills and are of the Baby Boomer generation. My Gen X employees are doing better with the system and the Gen Y employees think it's pretty easy. Once you get familiar with FieldOne and get hands-on-learning under your belt, the system is not too difficult and is incredibly logical, but there is definitely a learning curve. Not for people who have limited computer skills. A lot of the processes are taxing at first but once you get the hang of it they become very easy. I can't say enough good things about the support staff. Again, Debbie is fabulous! Michael is so patient and simply brilliant. Ian is always helpful and takes care of the mobile questions. They are polite, well-spoken, always available, and just plain nice! I get the feeling that Fieldone is always growing and improving which was absolutely not the case with our old system. The system is definitely well thought out with some big-time brain power behind it. You couldn't ask for better support. It is unfortunate that I am writing this review before I have really reaped the benefits of FieldOne; we haven't started to use Fieldone yet in full force. Just today we completed an entire month of reoccurring agreements and will use the tools in FieldOne to schedule the entire month of June in one swoop. What a joy to know that we never have to enter the data again, it is set for ten years! We are "playing" with the mobile app. and we really like it so far; the graphics are great and it is designed well. Everyday it becomes easier to use and I find myself loving it more and more. We hired an IT expert to find a solution to our current, limited cloud scheduling system and FieldOne looks like our answer for a logical system that will automate processes and eliminate redundant administrative tasks that waste time and money. The support team is fabulous and I look forward to updating my review in 6 weeks.

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Marion Schellman

Satisfied customer

Reviewed 2012-03-02
Review Source: Capterra

It would be great to be able to delete a duplicate p.o. or change a price that was entered wrong after it has been recieved. Increase tech support staff. Or turf us to a developer if they do not have the time to trouble shoot the larger issues. The most assuring thing to us is that we are able to receive the upgrades, and as Field One continues to grow and develop, we know it will just keep getting better and better. I have and will continue to recommend this software to other businesses.

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Doug Sabra

FieldOne Terra - Best one out there but needs updating

Reviewed 2015-03-27
Review Source: Software Advice

We have been using FieldOne Terra for over 3 years now, and without exception, this is the most robust software out there. It simply works well, and the reporting and sorting capabilities that export to Excel seamlessly are wonderful. The ability to interface with QuickBooks is fantastic, but the customers are updated only once, and any changes to their information (like contact info etc.) does not transfer back into QuickBooks. Also, invoice detail is not transferred to QB simply a description that tells you to see FieldOne for more information.

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Pete Szmurlo

Finally, no paperwork!

Reviewed 2011-12-16
Review Source: Capterra

FieldOne is highly recommended to any service related business that has employees out in the field. This software in conjunction with truck GPS systems and customer web portals truly puts the service contractor into the 21 century. A great way to distinguish your company from your competitors while increasing cash flow and showing your customers that you are here to serve them in ways that others only dream about.

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Key features of FieldOne

  • Task scheduling
  • Routing
  • Service management
  • CRM integration
  • Mobile access
  • Collaboration management
  • Inventory control
  • Knowledge base
  • Business intelligence
  • Call center management
  • Client portal
  • Employee management
  • Calendar management
  • Resource management
  • Job management
  • Work order management
  • History tracking
  • Multi-currency
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Mobile: FieldOne comes with native apps (iOS, Android & Windows Phones) that can be remotely administered and customized from a central development console.

CRM: Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionalities are natively integrated with FieldOne so users can manage customer satisfaction and service from one place.

Communications: FieldOne helps to improve customer experience with automated and scheduled communications (notifications, calls, SMS, emails, multi-channel alerts).

Portals: FieldOne comes with partners and customer portals for self-service capabilities (documentation or functionality access).