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FinancialForce SCM

A SCM suite that manages quotes, orders, inventory and spend

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FinancialForce SCM Feature Summary

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Service Contracts
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Salesforce
  • Lot management
  • Spend Management
  • AvaTax
  • Drop Shipment

FinancialForce SCM Features In Depth

Managing Multiple Fulfillment Models

Using FinancialForce SCM, B2B and B2C businesses are able to access data in real-time. Users can manage multiple fulfillment models within a single system. This means, for example, that a medical device company could manage sales from outside sales representatives and an ecommerce, without relying on two separate platforms to do so.

FinancialForce SCM’s order fulfillment module is integrated into the company’s Inventory management and Advanced - CPQ applications. It supports the selling of both tangible goods (like hardware and mobile phones) and intangible goods (like subscriptions and software). It also manages partial shipments and backorders automatically.

Analyzing Inventory Levels

Within FinancialForce SCM is a powerful inventory management module that gives users complete visibility of their inventory in real-time. Users are able to track inventory using rule-based item controls. For example, inventory can be controlled using serial and lot numbers, shelf life and revision numbers. Businesses are also able to sell, track and manage inventory based on condition.

In addition to seeing a clear overview of the availability of any item, FinancialForce SCM can quickly access inventory breakdowns by warehouse or by ownership. Users are able to see a product’s inventory breakdown as well as sales and procurement history all on one screen, helping them make informed product decisions.

Prioritizing Inventory Activities

FinancialForce SCM uses workflows and approval processes to automate and prioritize warehouse activities. Teams are able to automate supply requisitions using safety stock, reorder points and minimum and maximum acquisition lead times.

Cycle counting can be integrated into everyday warehouse activities, and inventory can be managed based on the customer, supplier or project. A business that is waiting to transfer parts to a warehouse, for example, can quickly see all of the details of that shipment, including the carrier and shipment information, on one centralized page.

Action queues are available to warehouse personnel and provide an upstream view of daily activities. These are powerful as it allows them to be proactive vs reactive. A shipping manager can see what is scheduled to be picked and delivered to shipping and if he or she sees something needs to be expedited for next day delivery he or she can communicate out to the team to ensure it takes priority.

Enforce Spending Policies

Complete visibility of the procurement process begins with the requisition. Requisitions are requests to spend, and they most commonly occur when employees request funding for purchases. For example, an employee might request $2,000 to spend on a new laptop. If the manager approves the requisition to spend, then that item would be turned into a purchase order automatically.

FinancialForce SCM enables businesses to manage their spending policies with electronic workflows and approval routing. Multiple requisitions can be funneled into a single purchase order, and procurement hierarchies can be created based on commodity codes, suppliers or supplier agreements.

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FinancialForce SCM Feature Reviews

3 reviewers had the following to say about FinancialForce SCM's features:

John Hindson

Significants improvements to Financial Control for an NGO


Excellent analysis tools and integration with Excel supports our multiple reporting and wider organisational needs.


Web based allows field and UK staff to work in real time on the same data.


We are an NGO, and our requirements are only for General Ledger, so I cannot comment on the pros and cons of the full system. We also use SalesForce; which is a pre-requisite to gain some of the benefits above.

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Michael Bishop

Fully Integrated Solution


If you are a Salesforce user this is an excellent integrated solution. Sales and finance share the same information. With Financial Force we look at the business financially the same way we look at it operationally.


Web based, integrated with Salesforce, easy to set up, easy to configure, easy to maintain, always up to date, great support


Reporting is based on standard Salesforce reporting so whilst extremely powerful is non standard for finance- though a product to resolve this is currently in development.

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William McGuire

More than I need Human Capital Management Software


Oh yeah, since it is on it makes integration with CRM and other products a single click of the mouse and has single sign-on, super cool.


Top it off the library was an added bonus, since I can store and share corporate documents and even education materials as part of the solution (free) and have my team collaborate with others on these and track it in the learning management. Overall: over the top!


Knowing where to start was a bit daunting, thank goodness they did the first series of configurations to launch the product and provided me with an easy to use Getting Started Guide so my team could calm down and get started 1...2...3 Learning to use the system most effectively was a challenge, but I think we finally got it.

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