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Mobile data collection app for field services & agriculture

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Ganinimobile overview

What is Ganinimobile?

Ganinimobile is a web-based data collection application for agriculture and field services. The software offers a range of features including eProcurement, GPS location tracking with Google Maps integration, supply chain verification, inventory, purchasing, and sales management, scouting, inspections management, web reports, and more. The application can be accessed anytime and anywhere from any device.

Ganinimobile is designed to work for any business where data is being collected manually and then entered into the computer. Users can capture data on location for labor, harvest, equipment, and materials usage and costs, purchases or sales, and testing and inspections data with GPS mapping. The system uses drop-down menus to minimize manual data entry, allowing users to collect all data in the field with just a few clicks and entries.

Ganinimobile also allows users to scan QR codes or barcodes for any information or data such as material IDs, employee IDs, test samples, and more. All collected data is recorded with longitude and latitude coordinates, and time stamped. Bluetooth weighing scales can also be used to record harvests. The mobile app works with a companion cloud application that consolidates data from all mobile devices used to capture data.


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Ganinimobile screenshot: Users can scan inventory, view reports, track costs, and more through the app

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Ganinimobile features

Billing & Invoicing
Inventory Management
Inventory Tracking

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Additional information for Ganinimobile

Key features of Ganinimobile

  • Barcode & QR code scanning
  • Costs calculation
  • Data capture and transfer
  • GPS tracking
  • Google Maps integration
  • Harvest management
  • Inspections
  • Inventory tracking
  • Purchasing & procurement
  • Remote data collection
  • Sales tracking
  • Supply chain verification
  • Surveying
  • Usage tracking
  • Web reports
  • Weight calculations
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• With Ganinimobile, data is entered once to reduce potential errors from copying data manually from paper reports.

• The smartphone app allows users to capture information, take pictures, scan inventory, view web reports, use maps and tag locations with just one device.

• Users can track employee costs, material costs and usage, equipment costs, and more.

• The app helps users manage equipment maintenance schedules and schedule work for each team.

• Users can connect the app with Bluetooth-enabled sensors and other devices for automated data collection.