Custom fields & information sync in HarmonyPSA


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Custom fields & information sync in HarmonyPSA

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Steve (HarmonyPSA)

Jimmy: So in this view, this is the operations view, what are the features nested within the tabs on this left hand column?

Steve: Okay. The operations view is really set to finance. It's geared to work tickets, and scheduling, towards projects, towards billing and billing the time.

Jimmy: So, I see order processing here. Could you explain a little bit?

Steve: Orders are created and once they've been through finance, they can be handed over to Operations to deliver.

Jimmy: Okay.

Steve: They will take those orders. They would say, "Okay, this is a change order for something else or put on the same project. This is another order or create a new project for it." And then that delivery manager who's the person in Operations is now responsible for that on his backlog of uninvoiced items.