Importing product catalogs & CSV data in HarmonyPSA


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Importing product catalogs & CSV data in HarmonyPSA

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Steve (HarmonyPSA)

Jimmy: Here's a question. Let's say that there's a user and apparently they're looking into harmony. And they have a rather large product list that they already have on their own site or somewhere else. How easy would it be to onboard all of their current information on Harmony and start using it in an efficient way?

Steve: It's very quick to get up and running. When a customer takes on an instance with Harmony, they get the ability to upload lots of static information. They can upload staff lists, they can upload customers and contacts and addresses.

One of the things they can upload is product structures. So that all the product [0:01:11] pricing for all different jurisdictions are all available.

Jimmy: Okay and this is all primarily through CSV?

Steve: Exactly. And each and every one of these has help notes you can download and a template as well. So people can take out their [0:01:33] start uploading their data.

We also have a quick start guide people can go through to get them going initially. There's full contact sensitive help as well.