Mobile and tablet access of HarmonyPSA


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Mobile and tablet access of HarmonyPSA

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Steve (HarmonyPSA)

Jimmy: How does Harmony work on a mobile phone?

Because I imagine that a lot of people that are going to end up being users of Harmony. They're probably going to live as much within an office as outside of an office. So what options do they have to checking it out either on smartphone or tablet?

Steve: Okay. So what we decided to do was give all the functionalities to their phones. Rather than make a subset functionality available. We've made the site responsive. It's a [0:00:45] website. So if you happen to be on a small compact device, like a phone, essentially, it's got all the functionality available.

And what happens is it reconfigures itself, slightly. Note that the menu goes up to the top. But it is still completely functional. And your grids go down to two columns. Otherwise, you just have too many columns. You wouldn't be able to see what's going on.

And all the forms that appear in harmony all go straight down. [0:01:25] down really nicely. And things like tabs go over here. And because of the blocking nature of the UI, it all works very nicely with touch as well.

Jimmy: This is really nice to see, especially because there are a lot of apps that they become very complex with lots of features and functionality that once you open it up on a phone, it sometimes becomes a nightmare. It's great to see that the Harmony team has really though way ahead of this.

Steve: Yeah. And you don't lose anything on the mobile, which is a nice thing as well.

Jimmy: That's great.

Steve: Yeah it works very nicely.