Project management & collaboration in HarmonyPSA


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Project management & collaboration in HarmonyPSA

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Steve (HarmonyPSA)

Steve: So you have a login. Everyone gets their own and their own URL to get to their instance of Harmony, which is customizable. You can customize your login page. This is just the default one currently. That has their own branding. You can obviously change your own branding.

When you get into Harmony, you're presented with a page we call actions “Nevatics”. So within the objects of Harmony, there are various tasks against those objects for people in your organization to do. As you come in, you get presented with your tasks and bookings straight away. So that I can see here - I look at today and I've got one thing I've got lined up for myself today here. It was supposed to happen 43 minutes ago.

And related to an invoice, it's got a little invoice icon. And it has not been paid yet. It also has a calendar here. And I could say you know what, I'll do that on Wednesday and I could just drag and drop it on to there and then it's no longer on my today's list

Jimmy: So this is also a little bit of a layer of project management and kind of a collaboration tool as well?

Steve: Exactly yes. Though what I can do is against various objects in the system, I could create actions for other people to do. And that would appear in this area which stuff assigned by me. And these are the things I’ve given other people to do and haven't been done yet.

You can see here that some of them are against projects. Some of the things are against tickets. Some of the actions are just directly against the customer. And the nice thing is if say Paul sees this appearing in his list, he just goes straight into it. He could update it. He could book time against it. He could navigate straight up to the content.