Quotes, POs & recurring billing in HarmonyPSA


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Quotes, POs & recurring billing in HarmonyPSA

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Steve (HarmonyPSA)

Steve: Okay. So probably the easiest way to scope is look at the activity list. So we have quote lists, order lists, and we've got a full purchase ordering system in there. And so your orders that go through harmony have costs and revenue associated with them. You can see in all the level margin.

Also when you put those in projects, you get project margin. In projects you're working on. You also have very deep functionality around schedule billing. Recurring billing and recognizing the revenue from that billing. Managing what's on the contract and what isn't on the contract of the customer.

Jimmy: With this finance feature, can you integrate with a third party to pull in data from other sources?

Steve: In terms of the finance area, we integrate with Quick Books and Quick Books Online, and Sage, but we also have a few other integrations. Because with Harmony, you can export all the underlying accounting journals. So you can actually send the data to any accounting system that could take a journal upload.

Jimmy: So all the finance and sales information being managed within Quick Books can be synced up to Harmony?

Steve: Exactly. You've got a full account receivable and account payable function within Harmony. So there's actually less you have to do in your accounting system, which is really nice because it means you've got full traceability back from the invoices when they're being paid back to what created the invoices instead of nothing.

Jimmy: So this is almost way beyond project management. This is looking like more a complete business management package here.

Steve: That's right. The idea for Harmony is rally get the invoice out on time and accurate. And then you've got all the reporting afterwards and all the other advantages that come with our system, with Harmony's system. It's all about invoices.